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Autonis 2020: These are the winners of the design readers' choice

Readers' choice Autonis 2020
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T usch, fanfare, drum roll: And the winner is ... No, this time everything is different. Although the autonis was awarded as the prize for the best-received design this year for the 20th time and over 2000 more readers than in the previous year took the time to judge the 102 new or renovated models since the last election, there is due to The corona situation for the first time no ceremony to hand over the prizes. Nevertheless, the winners were very pleased with the prestigious award (https://topgear-autoguide.com/autonis2020).

Otherwise, the procedure followed the tried and tested pattern. Votes were made in ten classes from mini cars to sports cars and SUVs to vans, with up to two models whose design was less appealing in addition to the two most beautiful ones. If a form meets 3.2 percent approval and 12.1 percent rejection, this results in a total value of minus 8.9 percent. Incidentally, the best individual value was achieved by the Audi A5 as a Coupé and Sportback with 36.3 percent in the middle class.

Audi: five out of ten victories

in general - the crisis-ridden brand conceded this election big and scored four more class wins. The A1 Citycarver is clearly ahead of the Mini Cooper SE in the small car segment and the A3 ahead of the BMW two-series Gran Coupé in the compact segment. In the luxury class, the participants placed the RS 6 ahead of the BMW Eight Gran Coupé, and in the compact SUV, the Q3 Sportback leaves the Cupra Formentor and all other innovations behind. No wonder that head of design Marc Lichte is delighted, because: 'Design is the number one reason to buy at Audi. With the autonis, you are once again giving us important confirmation.'

This time, a Mazda CX-30 X 2.0 M Hybrid AWD Selection with 180 HP, all-wheel drive and six-speed automatic transmission was raffled among all voters - in Magma red metallic with black leather interior. The prize worth 39,390 euros goes to Mr Bernd Nocken from Düsseldorf.

After the Fiat 500 that was lifted last year, the new electric is now available -Version of the Italian cult mobile in the Mini Cars category at the top of the readers' favor, which Roberto Debortoli from Fiat Germany explains with the 'unique charm and iconic design' of this car. Niccolò Biagioli, his colleague from the sister brand Alfa Romeo, receives the coveted design award in the category of large off-road vehicles and SUVs for the Stelvio and admits: 'We are proud that the typical Alfa Romeo design regularly inspires German car fans.'

Even Porsche can't complain about a lack of popularity, because after the 911 in the previous year, the new turbo version is now taking the trophy in the sports car. Head of Design Michael Mauer sees the continued success of the classic as being due to the fact that 'we have reinvented an idea that is over 50 years old over the years without losing sight of the design DNA.' In the convertibles, however, Aston Martin defends its first place - after the DBS Volante 2019 now with the Vantage Roadster. The small design team around Marek Reichman has apparently achieved great things again.

There is still the van rating that the Ford S-Max with 33.8 percent ahead of the also refreshed Renault Espace (19.3) and its own brand brother Galaxy (14.9) wins. Hans Jörg Klein, head of marketing and sales at the Cologne-based company, is particularly proud of the current S-Max, because it 'combines sporty design with sophisticated technologies to create a high level of customer benefit'. At least the former cannot be expected from Vans in general.

Surprise as a principle

In the overarching categories, however, two other brands are ahead. As in the previous year, Mercedes achieved the pole position for 'Best Interior Design', while the Stuttgart-based company was overtaken by BMW as 'Best Design Brand of the Year'. 'The focus of our design is always on the customer and his emotional experience with our products', explains BMW design boss Domagoj Dukec the philosophy of the house and adds: 'With iconic features such as the double kidney or the four-eyed face, we continue traditions, but we always surprise all over again. '

In the assessment of the voting participants, BMW is only in second place with 20 percent when it comes to the question of which brand has done the most in terms of design over the past five years . With a peak of 29 percent approval, Mercedes is rated asPerceived much more strongly, while only 5 percent of the brand currently certify the best design in electric cars. With 32 percent, Tesla is still clearly in the lead ahead of Porsche and Audi (11 percent each), and 19 percent still expect the models of the US brand to have the best design for electric cars in five years.

Only 32 percent agree that the design of e-cars should be clearly different from vehicles with combustion engines. In addition, the majority (54 to 46 points) think that the interior design of cars will become more important than the exterior design in the future. Regardless of this, it is clear that the importance of design continues to grow and enjoy the highest priority. The five-fold victory shows Audi right and courage, but it will hardly be possible to top it. Because after the election is before the election - with or without a party.


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