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Automatic test upgraded: Driving school will soon be easier

Automatic test upgraded
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D Keep an eye on the traffic, pay attention to the traffic rules, look for and find the slip point of the coupling: Driver training can quickly overwhelm learner drivers - especially at the beginning. Learning to drive in an automatic vehicle could make things easier. There is a simple reason why this is still out of the question for many learner drivers: If you have not used the gear lever yourself during driver training, but instead let the car change gears (even during the test), you are not allowed to drive a car with a manual gearbox, as soon as he has the driver's license. An additional test is necessary for this, which means that many learner drivers prefer the cumbersome route and learn to drive directly on a manually shifted car.

The route could be cleared in 2019

Yes this procedure is currently under scrutiny. Renate Bartelt-Lehrfeld, Head of Division in the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), recently announced a decisive innovation at the driving school forum of the MOVING Road Safety Association. In the future, learner drivers will have the opportunity to be tested with a vehicle with a manual gearbox following the automatic test. This could be done by a government agency, such as a driving school, and the learner driver would get a driver's license straight away, which allows him to drive a car with a manual gearbox despite training in an automatic vehicle. Only novice drivers who want to take the counter test later would then have the entry in their driving license that prohibits them from doing so for this period.

The advantage of this rule: In future, driver training could increasingly take place on automatic vehicles . This not only makes them easier in general, but would also prepare learner drivers better for the age of electromobility, say the driving instructors. The driving schools should also benefit from the new requirements by optimizing their vehicle fleets and thus being able to satisfy the demand for pure automatic training. Renate Bartelt-Lehrfeld from the BMVI assumes that the EU Commission will clear the way for this regulation this year.


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