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Autoclub calls for discount motorway filling stations

Cheaper refueling - discount petrol stations on the motorway
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' Primarily is Federal Minister of Economics Rainer Brüderle called for ', said the ACE chairman Wolfgang Rose. 'He must now take action so that inexpensive medium-sized discounters and not just expensive branded petrol stations can offer fuel in the area of ​​motorways.'

All motorway filling stations belong to tank and rest

B islang, the 340 or so motorway filling stations in Germany are owned by Tank und Rast GmbH (Bonn). The company leases them to private individuals, and the licenses are granted using a quota model. The larger the share of petrol stations a brand has on the entire German road network, the higher its claim to locations on the motorways. The current quota model will expire at the end of 2012.

'If you can successfully mobilize against electricity providers, banks and Telekom, you shouldn't lack the courage to take on the oil company lobby,' demanded Rose. As an opposition politician, Minister Brüderle wanted to introduce a regulation for unbundling into the law against restraints of competition as early as 2007 in view of the high gasoline prices.


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