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Auto-Pilot: Sleeping Tesla driver pursues police

On Wednesday (December 28) the police pulled a particularly tired Tesla driver out of traffic on the A70 autobahn near Bamberg in the direction of Bayreuth.

The 45-year-old driver initially did not react to the stop signal from the officers who wanted to carry out a traffic check. Even repeated honking drew no attention, the driver slumbered blissfully, leaning back, with his eyes closed, without having his hands on the wheel in the driver's seat. After all, the Tesla kept a constant distance to the police car at 110 km/h. This confirmed the suspicion that the auto-pilot was activated.

Awoke again after 15 minutes

The driver only woke up after 15 minutes and followed the patrol car. During the subsequent check, the man showed "drug-typical" abnormalities, according to the police, and they also found a so-called steering wheel weight in the footwell. This part attaches to the steering wheel to trick the vehicle's security system into thinking the Tesla driver's hand is on the wheel.

An investigation was initiated against the driver for the criminal offense of endangering road traffic according to Section 315c of the Criminal Code. Until the court deals with the case, he has to give up his driver's license. The driver faces a fine or imprisonment for up to five years.

, It is not known in which Tesla model the driver slept. We show you in the slideshow how the Tesla Model S Plaid drives - with the driver on board, awake.


Tesla's Auto-Pilot feature has been in the headlines for years. Now a 45-year-old has managed to draw attention to himself, sleeping at the wheel. That will probably cost him his driver's license for a long time.


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