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auto motor und sport workshop test: New round brought only slight improvement

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But still a quarter of the shortcomings hidden by the editorial team were not discovered. Some of the 48 brand workshops tested nationwide did not even do 60 percent of their work.

Customers cannot check the workshop performance

'During the inspection, individual workshops did not find any of the built-in defects,' criticizes editor-in-chief Bernd Ostmann. It is also particularly unpleasant that customers normally cannot check the performance of the workshop at all. While the editorial staff was able to check the built-in errors, the drivers usually do not know which defect is overlooked by the workshop.

As soon as the vehicle was handed in, auto motor und sport regularly noticed that the workshops were failing. The inspection includes that the customer vehicle is examined by a foreman before the inspection. Ideally, after the inspection, the invoice will be explained by the master who received the car. In reality, however, it is often only handed out at the cash register, an explanation does not follow, the magazine noted.

Often unnecessary additional costs are charged

On the other hand, drivers have to be careful that the workshops do not generate additional and unnecessary costs. auto motor und sport found that garages apparently regularly billed for services that are unnecessary or not provided at all. Small items drive up the already high inspection price: costs for rubber care (2.90 euros), combustion chamber cleaner (3.62 euros), window clear (2.88 euros), injection protection (7.62 euros), window cleaner (5.30) Euro) or washing additive (9.71 Euro) were found on the inspection invoices, even if, for example, the washing water tank was full to the brim when the car was handed over.

During the usual oil change, the workshops regularly refill the most expensive synthetic oil - without asking which oil the customer actually uses and wants to buy. The workshops make particularly good money from the oil: A liter of simple multigrade oil is charged at ten euros, while a liter of synthetic oil can cost up to 29 euros. With three to four liters of oil volume, the additional oil costs easily amount to 80 euros.


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