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auto motor und sport survey: Germans rely on German hybrid models

auto motor und sport survey
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D he most competence drivers trust BMW: 20 percent of those questioned would prefer a BMW hybrid. The brands Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen were tied for 17 percent each.

Toyota as the car manufacturer with the longest hybrid experience has lost its reputation significantly. Only eleven percent would opt for a hybrid car from Toyota, a full two percent for an Lexus . Hybrid manufacturer Honda only has two percent , as well as Opel .

In terms of electric cars, Toyota remains ahead

In contrast, Toyota is in the lead when it comes to electric vehicles. When asked which automaker will bring the first affordable, fully developed and everyday electric vehicle to market, 28 percent of the motorists surveyed named Toyota. Volkswagen ranks just behind with 25 percent. Mercedes (9 percent) follow at a large distance, Renault (8 percent), Smart (5 percent), Opel and Audi (4 percent each) and BMW (3 percent). The willingness to switch to a purely electrically powered car has grown significantly. 39 percent of the motorists surveyed said that they would buy an electric car as soon as they are affordable. However, 61 percent believe that electric cars will have too little range in the foreseeable future. For 74 percent of those surveyed, an electric car must have a range of 300 kilometers because it would be used as the first vehicle.


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