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auto motor und sport-Kongress - Closing words Jürgen Hubbert: & # 34; Better Place is dead before it has started & # 34;

Beate Jeske
auto motor und sport congress - Closing words by Jürgen Hubbert
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D this could lead to that individual mobility is becoming unaffordable for many people. 'That is why I see the latest statement by Federal President Horst Köhler, whom I appreciate very much, very critically,' said Hubbert.

Jürgen Hubbert: 'No alternative to reducing consumption'

The result of the auto motor und sport congress was clear to Jürgen Hubbert: 'There is no alternative to reducing consumption'. In the opinion of Hubbert, who is the current Chairman of the Häussler Group, several drive concepts will continue to exist side by side in the future, including electric, fuel cell and combustion drives. In his opinion, there will be no short-term switch to electric drive.

This is why the continuous optimization of conventional combustion engines is very important, says Hubbert. The fleet consumption of German manufacturers currently averages 124 grams of CO2 per kilometer. 'A further reduction of around 30 percent seems possible here.'

Here, the issue of downsizing comes to the fore. For example, Mercedes will soon be offering a four-cylinder engine in the Mercedes S-Class. “This would have been unthinkable in the past,” said the former member of the Daimler Group's Board of Management.

Better Place: Hubbert sees costs as a key exclusion criterion

However, with regard to the panel discussion, in which Shai Agassi also participated, Hubbert expressed doubts the feasibility of the Better Place concept: “I would have liked to talk to Mr. Agassi about how he sees the costs. Because he has to keep a lot of batteries ready for replacement. So the concept is actually dead before it even started. ”In this context, Hubbert also pointed out that a battery for an electric car must be charged for at least 20 minutes with a high charging current. The question of how the Better Place concept should work with regard to this fact has also not been adequately clarified in Hubbert's opinion.

What is certain for the former member of the Daimler Board of Management is that there is a clear trend towards electromobility. However, this development inevitably takes place in several stages. There are still numerous open questionsto clarify and solve problems before mass electromobility can be realized. “These are the issues of performance, service life, costs, energy and safety.” The costs for a battery with a capacity of 15 kW /h are currently up to 21,000 euros.

Hubbert: Von We are miles away from affordable electric cars

Hubbert emphasized that reducing energy consumption in all areas - not just in automotive engineering - is an absolute must. In order to realize electric mass mobility, there is no way around cooperation in the future. New competitors are also increasingly having a say in the market. “Therefore, all manufacturers must now accept the competition. I am unable to say whether they will all survive, ”said Hubbert. However, he was clearly in favor of standardizing battery technology. In addition, the uncertainty of many people who think that tomorrow will be able to buy electric cars at reasonable prices must be resolved. 'We are currently still miles away from that,' said Hubbert.


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