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auto motor und sport Edition: Everything about Porsche - tests, stories

New special issue from auto motor und sport
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H here you can buy the Porsche edition for the low price of only 9.90 euros .

Foreword by Editor-in-Chief Jens Katemann:

Last year I had the chance to spend a few hours in the car with Porsche developers. The last acceptance drive of the Porsche 718 before the start of production took place in freezing Canada. Everything was meticulously checked again in extremely sub-zero temperatures. That's what all car companies do, you might think. That's true. But I was able to experience the attitude with which cars are developed at Porsche - and that is extraordinary.

At Porsche, everything is subordinate to performance. The aim is to achieve the best driving dynamics and the unmistakable feeling of sitting in a sports car, even if it's like a Macan or Cayenne SUV. And in the process, one or the other decision is made that would not have been made with competitors. Example: Ackermann effect. With the 911, the toe difference angle causes pronounced pushing over the front wheels at maximum steering angle and low speed. Too uncomfortable when parking, it would have been said by other companies. Not so with Porsche. OK then! It is this consistency that defines Porsche.

In this edition you will find all the Porsche milestones that were created with this spirit and of course have been tested by auto motor und sport. But that's not all: Read what Ferdinand Piëch has to say about the Porsche 909 Bergspyder, or experience this year's Targa Florio. We pay homage to the Porsche tradition with numerous reports. My highlight: the exit of the Porsche 911R and its ancestor - what wonderful uncompromising cars!

Porsche 356B - the origin of a feeling

Before 911 comes 356. We have the new 356B in 1960 tested in three different power levels: with 60, 75 and 90 hp. Double-digit horsepower numbers! With a Porsche! Unimaginable today, enough back then.

“In this world, money can buy almost anything that is beautiful and good and expensive. There is only one thing not: perfection. It disappears as a goal to the extent that one believes it is approaching. But if you've driven the new Porsches for a while and then switched back to normal utility vehicles, you can't shake the impression that the engineers are so persistentpursued goal with the 356 B have moved a lot closer. “

Far ahead of its time: the Porsche 959.

Porsche 959 - miles ahead of its time

Porsche, that's more than 911. In the late 1980s, Porsche launched the 959. A car that at first glance looked like a bloated 911. But it was the most advanced car of its time, with twin-turbo six-cylinder, all-wheel drive, a complex traction management system and adaptive dampers. 0 to 100 km /h: 3.7 seconds.

“This car, which explores the limits of what is technically feasible like no other, also quickly pushes its user to its driving limits. Not to exceed them is the art of a good driver. It is to be hoped that the Porsche 959 will find as many suitable drivers as possible. He deserves it. “

Roman Domes
Unforgettable sound artist, dangerous mid-engine athlete: the Carrera GT.

Porsche Carrera GT and the next legend

Every now and then there are these fantastic phases at Porsche, about every ten years: Then legends are just born out of the ground. Example: the Carrera GT. Longitudinally installed 5.7 liter V10 naturally aspirated engine, 612 hp. Installation location: center of the vehicle, flanked by horizontal struts. ESP? For beginners, said co-developer Walter Röhrl. So it had to stay outside. Toxic is another trivializing word for the driving behavior of the super sports car at the limit.

Ten years after the premiere of the Carrera GTPorsche presented the 918 Spyder, an 887 hp monster with three engines: a V8 with 608 hp (4 hp less than the V10 of the Carrera GT) plus two electric motors with 85 and 115 kW respectively. And the next legend was born.

“In the Carrera GT, you should listen to every steering movement, take even the tiniest hints seriously and expect the capricious rear end in every bend. Thanks to the traction-enhancing technical arsenal, the 918 experiences a sense of achievement much faster, and unlike the Carrera GT, even an amateur can work his way into the regions of a professional - especially because he does not have to do without the ESP's exit strategy. “

Here you can buy the Porsche Edition for the low price of only 9.90 euros.


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