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auto motor und sport congress: Panelist Prof. Dr. Burkhard Göschel

auto motor und sport congress 2011
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Innovation is Göschel's passion, as well as his scientific recognition Show work. The University of Graz awarded him an honorary professorship in 2003 - at that time he was still Head of Development at BMW. In doing so, he recognized his commitment to the use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel for combustion engines. In 2004, the Technical University of Munich awarded an honorary doctorate in recognition of 'his extraordinary achievements and ideas in research and development in the field of mechatronics in the automotive industry'. Of course, Göschel was the first to write a a uto motor und sport conference can contribute a lot to the topic of future mobility.

In February, Göschel indicated where the journey should go In 2011 at the competence meeting for electromobility of the Central Association of Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry ZVEI: 'We have to make a technological leap in battery cell development in Germany.' It is not enough to simply set up battery production facilities in Germany and only follow global competition on the development side. New storage concepts would have to be dared and a pioneering role sought.
Göschel, who is considered one of the pioneers of the digital revolution in automotive engineering, also wants to promote the integration of software into automotive development. OEMs and suppliers are not prepared for embedded software, criticizes Göschel, who misses a corresponding business model in the automotive industry.

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Göschel is Chief Technology Officer at the contract manufacturer and automotive supplier Magna International. Before that, Göschel was for many years Board Member for Development at BMW. The doctor of mechanical engineering started his automotive career at Daimler-Benz AG, then moved to competitor BMW in Munich and was later responsible for motorcycle development at Bavaria. In 2000, Göschel was promoted to Board Member for Development and Purchasing at BMW through various positions in the field of automotive development. In 2006, Göschel had to leave the board of directors due to the age regulation at BMW. In 2007 he joined the automotive supplier Magna International.


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