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auto motor und sport congress 2015: Electric, networked and autonomous

auto motor und sport congress 2015
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Is autonomous driving about to make a breakthrough? Does it only take the blink of an eye for drivers to read the newspaper in a traffic jam while the traffic jam pilot takes over the wheel? The technology is already there, said Tim Ramms, head of the automotive division at Motor Presse Stuttgart, when he met the participants in the a uto motor und sport that morning Congress 2015 welcomed. But what is already possible in a near-series S-Class will be a long time coming in mass use. The questions that have to be resolved when autonomous cars are on the highway in the millions are still too big. That was the conclusion of the first panel in the morning at Messe Stuttgart.

The trend towards bicycles in urban mobility, 'says Gutzmer.

The Schaeffler developer refers to the Copenhagen vision. The city has set itself the goal of cycling 50 percent of all individual traffic by 2025. Other cities have similar programs. London, for example, is planning a bicycle highway.

Markus Lienkamp, ​​Professor of Vehicle Technology and Head of the Electromobility Science Center at the Technical University of Munich, supported the demand made by Baden-Württemberg's Minister of Transport, Winfried Hermann, for the introduction of autonomous systems to be more focused on To face traffic safety. Pedestrian protection systems should move into the car as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, according to Lienkamp, ​​we are still 'far away' from drivers reading newspapers. It is also 'the wrong way to be autonomously controlled with two liters of beer to go home ”.


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