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Auto Manager of the Year: Zetsche and Winterkorn selected

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' Martin Winterkorn has taken another big step this year on the way to becoming the largest car company in the world, 'emphasizes the magazine emerged. 'After losing billions in 2009, Dieter Zetsche managed to make Daimler the most profitable of the major car companies in Germany.'

Winterkorn has been chosen for the third time

VW was chosen for the third time - Chef Winterkorn named Auto Manager of the Year. In the first three quarters it was able to generate a return of 5.2 percent and is facing a historic sales record: In 2010, VW will sell more than seven million vehicles for the first time - more than any German automobile company ever before - and thus rank third worldwide , after Toyota and GM. VW wants to remain profitable, grow faster than the competition and achieve the targeted sales of ten million vehicles as early as 2015 instead of 2018. Winterkorn is investing 52 billion euros in this goal over the next five years. The core brand Volkswagen alone will bring more than two dozen new or refreshed models on the market by 2014.

Winterkorn has to share the title with Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche. He succeeded in making Daimler the most profitable, large car company in Germany. With the brands Mercedes, Maybach and Smart, the Daimler Group achieved a return of 8.9 percent in the first three quarters. This puts the Daimler group, which in 2009 still generated minus 1.5 billion euros, ahead of its competitors Audi (8.7%) and BMW (7.2% with Mini and Rolls-Royce). At the same time, Daimler posted the largest profit per vehicle and the largest increase in profit compared to 2009. With the Renault cooperation, Zetsche has also put Smart on a financially secure footing. And overall the brand image polished and a clear brand promise formulated with 'The best or nothing'.


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