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Auto industry: By 2015 around 50,000 fewer employees

Auto industry
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IG Metall's moderate collective bargaining agreement with a zero round in 2010 and a one-off payment it helps to limit the drifting apart of labor costs.

Germany is sitting on a powder keg

The gross hourly wage of German workers is at 46.50 euros at the top of the most important automobile production countries. According to Dudenhöffer, there are labor costs of 3,000 euros in a compact vehicle at a price of 25,000 euros. In Romania with an hourly wage of 4.60 euros it is only 300 euros.

The head of the CAR-Center Automotive Research states that the reason why so many vehicles are still being produced in Germany despite the high labor costs are: that the costs of relocating production are very high. The relocation of the M ercedes C-Class production in the USA is an example of Germany sitting on a powder keg. The location Germany is affected with every production cut in the future. 700,000 people are currently employed in the automotive industry in this country.


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