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Auto catalog model year 2016 from auto motor und sport

Car catalog model year 2016
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It was a real institution for many decades: the annual car catalog by a uto motor und sport . Unfortunately, he could not appear in 2014. But now he's back.

Car catalog as an important reference work

The new car catalog gives you an overview of the global automotive market on 253 pages. We will of course show you the model ranges of the major national and international manufacturers, but also highlight the range in countries such as China, Japan and North America, some of which differ significantly from ours in Europe. In addition, there is a data section, which is certainly unique in this form, with the technical information and prices for a good 4,300 models from all over the world.

We have garnished this reference work with the most important studies of the past months, with which car manufacturers have an outlook in venture into the distant future of automotive mobility.

The new car catalog from auto motor und sport has been on the kiosk and in the shop of DPV Deutscher Pressevertrieb ( Link ) available.


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