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Austria vignette: The sticker will go digital in 2018

Austria vignette
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D ie new digital vignette will cost no more than the sticker vignette that is still available and it will have the same validity. The sale of the new digital vignette will start with the 2018 annual vignette on December 1, 2017 via the ASFINAG website and a smartphone app. Due to the right of withdrawal for online purchases, the digital vignette is only valid on the 18th day after purchase. However, if you buy the digital vignette at an ÖAMTC base, you can also get immediate validity.

No scratching or sticking

The digital vignette is registered online together with the license plate. There is no need to glue it to the windshield. The digital vignette also has advantages for vehicle owners with variable license plates: they only have to buy one vignette instead of one for each vehicle. In the event of a total write-off or theft, a new registration can be made free of charge. By entering the license plate number, you can see online whether a vehicle (e.g. rental car) has a digital vignette.

The prices for the vignettes will be slightly adjusted again in 2018. The annual vignette for cars will cost € 87.30 next year and that for motorcycles will cost € 34.70. The ten-day vignette for cars is charged at 9 euros, for motorcycles it costs 5.20 euros. The two-month vignette for cars costs 26.20 euros, for motorcycles 13.10 euros.


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