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Austria promotes electric cars: up to 4,000 euros for new purchases

Austria promotes electric cars
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D as One third of the money comes from the Ministry of Transport and the Environment and one third from the automobile importers and will be awarded until the end of 2018.

The focus of the package of measures now being launched to boost electromobility is a purchase bonus for electric cars. Private individuals are subsidized with 4,000 euros when purchasing a purely electric car or a fuel cell vehicle. Anyone who buys a plug-in hybrid model receives a grant of 1,500 euros. Commercial buyers receive an e-car grant of 3,000 euros and also a 1,500 euros premium for a plug-in hybrid model. A total of 48 million euros should be available for direct purchase subsidies. In addition, five million euros are available for purchase premiums for electric two-wheelers and light electric commercial vehicles.

More charging stations and e-car license plates

The remaining million are to be invested in the charging infrastructure will. The construction of publicly accessible fast charging stations is to be funded with 10,000 euros per charging station from 2017. In addition to the bonus when buying an e-car, private individuals receive a subsidy of 200 euros to purchase a wallbox or an intelligent charging cable. New charging stations are also to be built at train stations, expressways and motorways.

In addition, e-car owners who will also receive a special license plate for their electric car in Austria in the future will also enjoy advantages in road traffic. The Ministry of Transport is planning a revision of the road traffic regulations that will allow cities and municipalities to set exceptions to the stopping and parking ban for e-vehicles while they are charging.


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