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Audi wants naming rights: Alfa releases Q2 and Q4

Alfa Romeo
Audi wants naming rights
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W he British car magazine 'Car' reports that Audi is on the Italians approached to take over the naming rights to Q2 and Q4. Alfa Romeo had both been protected years ago. The Italians designate front-wheel drive models with Q2 and models with all-wheel drive with Q4. However, both names are not used in the current model range.

FCA finally releases abbreviations

Nevertheless, were the Italians have long been unwilling to give up the rights to the abbreviations to Audi The refusal was more a political issue than an economic one. Fiat boss Sergio Marchionne and VW patriarch Ferdinand Piëch shouldn't be on good terms with each other. Rumors keep making the rounds that Piëch is interested in taking over Alfa and Ferrari.

At the Detroit Motor Show, Audi boss Rupert Stadler has now confirmed to the British newspaper 'Autoexpress' that Alfa Romeo both Abbreviations for use by Audi have approved. The Ingolstadt-based company can now use the same nomenclature from Q1 to Q9 throughout their SUV range as planned.


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