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Audi TT RS Plus Coupé and Roadster: stronger, faster and more dynamic

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Audi TT RS Plus with 360 HP
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The five-cylinder unit with a displacement of 2.5 liters produces 340 hp as standard in the Audi TT RS and RS3. Already the S tudie Audi Quattro Concept showed in the driving report that the turbo engine still has potential. The 480 hp and 480 Newton meters have not yet been found in any production vehicle. But at least the five-man in the sports coupé and roadster can go a little further in the future.

Audi TT RS Plus is faster

360 hp and 465 Nm torque are available in the new Audi TT RS Plus. This means that the sports car accelerates 0.2 seconds faster to 100 km /h than the variant without a name. In the Plus Coupé with a manual six-speed gearbox, the discipline then takes 4.3 seconds. The dual-clutch transmission with Launch Control, available for an extra charge of 1,150 euros, can catapult the Audi TT RS Plus to 100 km /h in 4.1 seconds. In the more expensive roadster, a tenth of a second is needed for the sprint. All Audi TT RS Plus models are allowed to drive up to 280 km /h instead of a maximum of 250 as before.

Power outfit for the Audi TT RS Plus

The design differs the Audi TT RS Plus only slightly different from the previous top model The new sports car features black-painted 19-inch cast wheels in a five-arm rotor design with tires in size 255/35 as standard. The single-frame grille also has a diamond grille in high-gloss anthracite and a decorative frame in a matt aluminum look. Furthermore, the exterior mirror housing is made of carbon fiber laminate and black tailpipe trims are the only features for the modified sound flaps.

The Audi TT RS Plus Coupé with manual transmission can already be ordered from 60,650 euros. With a soft top, the Audi TT RS Plus Roadster costs at least 63,500 euros.

The 340 hp Audi TT RS has already passed the Supertest and the 1.6 tons heavy Audi RS3 has proven the potential of the five-cylinder engine in the super test .


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