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Audi Super Bowl advertisement 2011: A8 sends the S-Class to bed

Audi Super Bowl advertising 2011
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A Audi A8 versus Mercedes S-Class - that's what it says Duel in the new Audi commercial, which will be shown on February 6 at the 45th Super Bowl. It is logical that the Swabian competition does not do particularly well. But Audi is literally making the Stuttgart flagship look old.

Superbowl advertising: Mercedes is going to sleep

The 60-second clip is based on the well-known American children's book 'Goodnight Moon'. In the classic from 1947, a rabbit lies in his bed and says 'good night' to various objects in the room. Similarly, in the commercial, various things are sent to sleep in an old house.

The objects shown include a chandelier, furs, cuff buttons and even a poodle. It quickly becomes clear that these are old-fashioned luxury items. Little by little the lights go out in the rooms until there is a swing in front of the house. There is the current Mercedes S-Class, which - as the spot suggests - also represents the old luxury.

The LED lights on the Audi A8 go on

After that, the S-Class once the lights have gone out, the viewer finally recognizes which product is being advertised. After 42 seconds, the current Audi A8 comes into the picture, where the futuristic LED daytime running lights are appropriately switched on. In contrast to the old house, the modern infotainment technology in the interior of the luxury limousine is panned again.

The lavishly produced spot is scheduled to take place on February 6 at the Super Bowl, the final of the US football League. The largest single sporting event in the world was followed by more than 150 million people worldwide last year. A 30-second commercial costs around three million dollars (around 2.25 million euros). Audi secured a spot for the 60-second clip in the first break after kick-off.


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