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Audi SQ7 4.0 TDI world premiere: The bull from Bavaria

Audi SQ7 4.0 TDI world premiere
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D the gap is closed again. It gaped in the Q7 model range when Audi took the massive V12 TDI out of its range in 2012, and the new series introduced in 2015 has so far only had to make do with six-cylinders.

In order to be able to offer customers a monster diesel again, Audi has launched a new V8 TDI. The engine delivers a hefty 435 hp from 3,956 cubic centimeters of displacement and has asphalt-Falter qualities with 900 Newton meters of torque. For this purpose, the Ingolstadt-based company uses triple forced ventilation with a world first: in addition to the two conventional exhaust gas turbochargers, an electrically operated compressor is used, which provides additional thrust in the lower speed range. The start from a standing start should be correspondingly huge.


To differentiate it from the regular Q7 there is a new radiator grille, different mirror caps and four angular tailpipes for the exhaust system. The standard LED headlights with double-arrow optics can be ordered with matrix technology for a surcharge.

Price Audi SQ7: 89,990 euros

The new Audi SQ7 is available as a five- or seven-seater , the optional third row of seats can be raised and lowered electrically. Sports seats are standard, the sports seat plus equipment is an option. In addition to the usual infotainment options, the Audi SQ7 comes with the 'Audi Connect Emergency Call & Service', which among other things allows remote locking and status queries via smartphone.

The new Audi SQ7 4.0 TDI can be ordered from mid-May , the base price is 89,900 euros. Audi speaks of a price advantage compared to the regular Q7 models of around 10,000 euros thanks to the standard equipment included in the SQ7.


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