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Audi RS4 Avant (2017): All data, prices and driving report

Audi RS4 Avant (2017) in the driving report
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For Audi fans the RS4 is what the M3 is for BMW fans - a real icon. Developed as the successor to the legendary, five-cylinder Avant RS2, the RS4 is now in its fourth generation. And like the BMW M3, the RS4 is also returning in its latest generation from the eight to the six cylinder. But with charging.

Audi Sport
RS-typical : The RS 4 also has oval tailpipes, set in a diffuser attachment. Plus: a roof edge spoiler contributes to the sporty look.

The engine accelerates the new Audi RS4 Avant to country road speed in just 4.1 seconds. The maximum speed is 250 km /h, 280 km /h are possible for a surcharge. Shifting takes place via eight-speed automatic sports transmission - the bitchy S-Tronic is history.

The permanent all-wheel drive 'Quattro' is also on board, with a sport differential on the rear axle on request.

Good: The new Audi RS4 Avant weighs less than 1.8 tonnes - that's around 80 kilos less weight than its predecessor. The downsized engine was also able to improve in terms of fuel consumption.

The Audi RS4should achieve a standard consumption of 8.8 liters per 100 kilometers.

Audi Sport
No surprises in the cockpit: flattened sports steering wheel, digital Instrument cluster, RS insignia here and there, stylish sports seats.

Inside the RS4 Avant, almost everything stays the same: the virtual cockpit replaces the analog instruments, a head-up display projects important data into the windshield and the sports seats give the driver support when he is makes it a little more dynamic in corners. If you have even more wishes, you are welcome to contact Audi Exclusive. There (almost) every wish is gladly fulfilled - as long as the account is sufficiently covered.

By the way: The new Audi RS4 Avant can be ordered from autumn 2017. Its base price: 79,800 euros. The RS4 will roll out to dealers from 2018. Plus: For the first time in its history, the power station wagon is also available in China.

With only a minimal delay, the Bituerbo-V6 pushes relentlessly below 2,000 rpm.

Now: more load. The opening time of the inlet valves is extended from 130 to 200 degrees of crank angle, the valve lift increases from six to 10 millimeters - so that the combustion chambers fill properly. Finally a bit more speed is allowed, but no matter how much, the RS4 gets there faster than drivers who are attached to their driving license can do. The hot half inside V6 charged with 1.5 bar responds with only minimal delay, pushes relentlessly below 2,000 rpm and chases the station wagon across the country with angry rumble from the flap-controlled exhaust system. In 4.1 seconds you are at 100 km /h and are wondering whether you should really cry after the V8 naturally aspirated engine of the predecessor. Where the new one, with a total of 600 times more than 170 Nm, gives you that feeling early on that you want in a super station wagon: superiority, sovereignty, always, at any time, not just beyond 5,000 revs.

The RS4 often closesuncoupled

While this is going through your head, you feel the tightly padded, very well supporting sports seat with the backrest that is too short in the back, you notice that even the sitting position fits perfectly (less high than you feared), look at the easy-to-read virtual instruments without really getting used to them, feel the road via the small sports steering wheel. Well, you'd like to feel it. But even if electromechanical, so-called dynamic steering, can vary the gear ratio by 100 percent, work silently and smoothly - it retains too much information to itself. In dynamic mode, yes, it works better, mainly because the electronics prevent its own corrections from 30 km /h. Should she please also in the other modes. Still, there is still a little too much rubber in the system. You will notice what the DRC chassis (the diagonally opposite dampers are connected via an oil line, which reduces rolling and rolling movements), the close connection and the high mechanical grip of the front axle in particular.

One would like to feel more of the road through the steering.

Outside the steering, the RS4 is uncompromising Trimmed for adhesion, neutrality, agility. If you throw it into a curve with high motivation, it will wobble and roll only a little, there is even a little movement in the rear, just enough for the station wagon to look lively. Wild tail wagging? No, then not that. The Audi doesn't want to offend, just break out of perfection a little. It succeeds more convincingly than the RS5, although the hardware is practically identical - except for a different damper tuning on the rear axle. So you swing with the RS4 over doggedly winding country roads with wonderful alternating curves, you are fast, sometimes too fast without you noticing it, also because you quickly turn off the sound again (works in individual mode) because it is too put on you seems too artificial. A sticky tattoo on a perfect body.

Yes, okay, you can like the hoarse roar when you turn it off, just before the limiter at 6,500 rpm, before the automatic reloads the next gear. The old V8, however, was fully tattooed, always sounded like powerful mechanics, and roared honestly. Andits predecessor in turn drank. Because in the 2.7-liter V6 the turbos were installed solely to increase performance.


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