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Audi RS Q8 Wheelsandmore: Green monster with 1,010 PS

Audi RS Q8 Wheelsandmore
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Over 1,000 PS for an SUV ... does that have to be? Yes, think those responsible at Wheelsandmore and have the A udi RS Q8 snapped. The result is a green monster with up to 1,010 hp. But that's not all. The tuners from Baesweiler, 17 kilometers north-east of Aachen, have given the SUV from Ingolstadt 24-inch rims with 355 wide tires.

The tuners have both increased the performance of the 4.0-liter V8 bi-turbo engine electronic as well as mechanical modifications achieved. The classic programming of the engine control unit alone increases the total output by 110 hp and the maximum torque by 120 Newton meters. If Wheelsandmore adjusts the programming to the throughput-optimized three-stage flap exhaust system, 725 PS and 930 Nm are available.

Over 305 km /h in the fat SUV

the tuner already achieves 800 PS accordingly larger air and suction paths. In the fourth stage of RS Q8 tuning, extensive modifications to the exhaust gas turbocharger and downpipes are used. The result is 965 hp and 1,250 Nm. If the particle filter is omitted, 1,010 hp and a torque limited to 1,250 Nm are available in the fifth stage. The top speed is over 305 kilometers per hour.


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