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Audi RS Q3 set-up drive: Quattro GmbH can also do SUVs

Audi RS Q3 tuning drive
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U The idea of ​​an SUV from Quattro GmbH would immediately be something Push marketing experts and cost jugglers who are hoping for a good profit here. But Stephan Reil, Head of Development at Audi's Sport subsidiary, frankly admits: “We initiated the Audi RS Q3 project ourselves.” Anyone who knows Reil's Vita - interwoven with numerous races on the Nordschleife - is somewhat surprised by this admission. Now he rushes down the Fuchsröhre in the Audi RS Q3 at around 190 km /h, accompanied by the infinitely deep rumble of the 2.5-liter five-cylinder.

How did it come to this? “Well, it can hardly be denied that SUVs are trendy. And with the Q3, Audi has a comparatively small and light vehicle that can be reconciled with our ideas of a real RS, ”explains Reil. In addition, the new model was relatively easy to implement due to the many identical parts with other Quattro GmbH products.

Audi RS Q3 from the RS modular system

The brake of the Audi RS Q3, for example, comes from the RS5 and the TFSI engine is practically unchanged from the TT RS and the RS3 . The reduced output in the Audi RS Q3 from 340 to 310 hp results from the new exhaust system - with just one tailpipe. An indication of the new modesty? Reil waves it aside: 'Because the battery had to go to the rear, there was simply no more space for a twin-pipe exhaust system.'

Nevertheless, the Audi RS Q3 hardly gives the impression of underpowering. As usual, the turbo engine delivers its maximum torque of 420 Nm at an early 1,500 rpm and distributes it to all four wheels via the hydraulically operated and electronically controlled multi-plate clutch. Although the 4.41 meter long Audi RS Q3 SUV weighs over 1.7 tonnes, the direct injection unit rages on against it. The DQ 500 dual clutch transmission has to quickly shift up the next gears

Reil cranks the small sports steering wheel with satisfaction, shortly after he fired the Audi RS Q3 via the left curb on the approach to the Adenauer Forst and now through the winding curve shies. The prototype, equipped with a conventional RS chassis and 20-inch wheels, wobbles more clearly than an RS3 despite lowering it by 25 millimeters - it remains an SUV, and it should also be suitable for everyday use. 'Nevertheless, it can be driven precisely',Reil asserts - and gently lifts the accelerator pedal to confirm his thesis in the Kallenhard, to which the Audi RS Q3 responds dynamically with its rear pushing outwards.

Audi RS Q3 - the unusual RS model

The head of development regrets that Due to the different dimensions of the dampers, the in-house DRC system in the Audi RS Q3 cannot be implemented, a kind of hydraulic roll compensation using diagonally connected shock absorbers.

But Reil has long been back on the gas and is walking towards the spectators at the Brünnchen, pondering something about the first Q model with the RS label. “It was a little strange at first to sit so high up on the first fast laps. But now I'm really having fun. ”He didn't want it any other way - the Audi RS Q3 project was his idea after all.


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