Audi relies on rotary dampers

Audi relies on rotary dampers
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R Rotation dampers are ideally suited for the controlled damping of rotary movements and have long been tried and tested in this form. Audi now wants to adapt this damping principle to the car in an electromechanical form.

Electric motors provide the damping

Conventional telescopic dampers require a lot of installation space and can only be regulated to a limited extent with a lot of technology. In addition, the damping of the rebound and compression stages are mutually dependent. High temperatures also affect the damping. Audi is pursuing a new, old approach with the rotary damper. In principle, the system baptized by Audi eRot is an electric motor with a lever arm that absorbs the movements of the wheel carriers.

The electrical control of the system enables comfortable, soft damping during compression with a tight rebound stage during Combine rebound. The damper map is largely freely definable via software.

Dampers can generate electricity

Another advantage is the geometry of the new damper system. The horizontally arranged electric motors in the area of ​​the rear axle replace the standing telescopic shock absorbers - the luggage compartment also benefits from this. In addition, the small electric motors can convert the kinetic energy into electricity during compression and rebound. For this, the movements of the wheel carrier are absorbed by a lever arm. This transmits the movements via a gearbox to the electric machine, which converts it into electricity. The recuperation power in test operation on German roads averages 100 to 150 watts - from three watts on a freshly paved motorway to 613 watts on a bumpy side road. In customer driving, this should correspond to a CO2 saving of up to three grams per kilometer.

The new eRot technology relies on a powerful 48-volt electrical system. A series use of the new damper technology is quite conceivable for Audi. But the Ingolstadt-based company did not provide a schedule.


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