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Audi R8 intensive training: Exclusive get-together at the Nürburgring

Frank Herzog
Audi R8 intensive training
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V on because of the many cooks spoiling the broth. If the partners involved serve the right ingredients, the result is also right. What had to be proven, with a merger of tire manufacturer Dunlop, Quattro GmbH, the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife and sport auto. The result was an instructive dish in terms of driving dynamics that can hardly be surpassed in terms of exclusivity. An intensive training in the truest sense of the word.

Unique Nordschleife scenario in theory and practice

Intensive, because the greatest possible learning success was ensured with a small number of participants. But also intensive because everyone involved in the implementation constructed a Nordschleife scenario that is unique in theory and practice with knowledgeable and competent modules. Hans-Joachim Stuck, Frank Biela, Frank Stippler, Marc Basseng and Patrick Simon are the names of those who introduced the 25 willing participants to the Audi R8 in practice, while Stephan Reil and Ralf Flachbarth provided the necessary theoretical basics in the Dunlop Lounge managed.

The former, Head of Development at Quattro GmbH, gave a deeper insight into the history of the Audi R8. The second named, developer at tire partner Dunlop, used the example of the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT to reveal what demands a proven athlete à la R8 ultimately places on an equally sporty tire - especially under such tough conditions as on the demanding Nordschleife. A terrain where, on the one hand, extreme carcass rigidity is required in order to still guarantee optimum driving stability with the forces acting, for example in the Fuchsröhre and on the Pflanzgarten. And where, on the other hand, in addition to the best possible grip level in the bends, optimal straight-line stability and reliable high-speed stability are required. Finally, the R8 V10 darts at up to 275 km /h over the long straight on the Döttinger Höhe.

In order to put the evening theoretical explanations into practice the next day under optimal conditions, all participating Audi R8s were put on the Sport Maxx GT. The best framework conditions to get a taste of the ring air in small groups of around five vehicles, under the guidance of well-known instructors like Marc Basseng, Patrick Simon and Frank Stippler who have been trained in numerous Nordschleife races.

The learning success on the guided laps was the highlight

On this extraordinary day of the course there was the professionally guided approach to the ideal line of the Nordschleife and to the border area is not even the real highlight of the day. 'I thought the learning success on the guided laps was the highlight. But the taxi rides were absolutely awesome.' Said one of the five who were lucky enough to be lucky enough to take a seat in the hot seat of the Audi R8 that normally fights for victory laurels on the VLN weekends. The pilots on the five hot taxi rides were none other than Hans-Joachim Stuck and Frank Biela.

Without exception, the copilots climbed out of the flounder with enthusiastic faces. Just like the other 20 taxi guests who were chauffeured around the ring in a race-style Audi RS4 from the Phoenix team. And how did one of the participants put it in a nutshell: 'The grip of the slicks is breathtaking. What rubber cooks can conjure up ...'


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