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Audi R8 and Audi TT: Performance Parts for more dynamism

Audi R8 and Audi TT
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W he wants to make his Audi even more distinctive, sportier and faster , will in future be served by Audi with the new Audi Sport Performance Parts. The retrofit program will go on sale in late summer 2017 and will initially include numerous components for the Audi R8 and Audi TT models. Further model series will follow step by step. The Audi Sport Performance Parts have so far covered four areas: chassis, exhaust system, exterior and interior.

In the chassis area, the range includes sport brake pads that are even more powerful and more stable than the series pads. These are available for steel discs and for the optional ceramic brakes. Their carrier plates are painted bright red and, on the Audi R8, are made of ultra-light titanium. This makes the Audi R8 a total of one kilogram lighter.

More braking power, less weight

For the Audi TT RS, on the other hand, multi-part screwed steel brake discs are available on the front axle. Various brake cooling kits are also available for the Audi TT, TTS and TT RS. They help the compact sports car to achieve even better braking performance.

The wheel arches can be filled with rims up to 20 inches in size.

A two- or three-way coilover kit is available for the Audi TT models and both Audi R8 variants. The fully milled, black 20-inch wheels - also for all R8 and TT models - are also derived directly from motorsport. You save up to 7.2 kilograms on the Audi TT and up to 8 kilograms on the Audi R8. The corresponding sports tires have the formats 245/30 R20 (R8, front) and 305/30 R20 (R8, rear), with the Audi TT the values ​​are 255/30 R20 all around. For the TT Coupés with all-wheel driveA crossmember reinforcement on the rear axle is available in the retrofit program. It improves rigidity and makes handling even more precise. Audi TT RS owners can also have their car's top speed increased to 280 km /h later.

Audi has designed Akrapovic rear silencers made of titanium, including covers, especially for the Audi TTS and the Audi TT RS.

Significantly more downforce for the coupés

Additional aerodynamic add-on parts should significantly increase downforce.

Die The most spectacular offers include the aero kits for the two coupés. Both models feature new air inlets at the front, new side skirts and new diffuser elements. The kits not only sharpen the look, they also improve the contact pressure: With the Audi R8 that is 250 kg at 330 km /h and thus over 100 kg more. The effect is even clearer at 150 km /h - at this speed the contact pressure with the aero kit doubles to 52 kg. There is also a splitter and flics at the front and a large, fixed rear wing. A bonnet with a large air outlet is also available for the Audi TT. All parts of the Audi R8 are made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), on the Audi TT made of CFRP and plastic; they all bear the Audi Sport logo.

The Audi Sport Performance Parts program also offers parts for the interior. Both the Audi R8 and the Audi TT have a multifunction sports steering wheel with an Alcantara rim and a red 12 o'clock mark. Shift paddles made of CFRP are available for the models with seven-speed dual clutch transmission. Audi has also developed a carbon strut cross especially for the TT. It replaces the back seat, reduces weight by around 20 kilograms and improves torsional rigidity.


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