Audi R18 e-tron for Le Mans 2015

Audi R18 e-tron for Le Mans 2015
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A udi is once again in the Role of the hunted. The 13th Le Mans title in the 2014 season was fought harder than it had been for a long time. The competition is getting closer and closer to the serial winner. According to our latest information, Toyota and Porsche have made great strides over the winter. Another challenger is in the starting blocks with Nissan.

Audi R18 e-tron 2015 in 4MJ hybrid class

To fend off attacks from the competition, Audi has the R18 e-tron tron has been massively further developed in its fifth generation. The most important change concerns the hybrid classification. While the R18 was still in the 2 megajoule class in 2014, the hybrid racer is now competing in the 4MJ class. The electric machines that deliver energy to the front wheels now generate more than 200 kW (272 hp).

Audi has therefore also increased the capacity of the energy storage device. The rotating mass storage, which sits encapsulated next to the driver in the cockpit, can absorb up to 700 kilojoules of energy, which it emits back to the electric motor - that's around 17 percent more than in 2014. Despite these performance increases, Audi has managed to achieve the minimum weight of only 870 kilograms.

The four-liter diesel V6 has also been further developed to increase performance and reduce consumption. The TDI unit should now have an output of 558 hp. According to the new regulations, only 5 units per car are permitted in the 2015 WEC season. The new engine must not only have power, but also be stable.

Completely new aerodynamics at the front

When it comes to aerodynamics, the engineers have also lent a hand. The modified air flow at the front - around and through the front wheel arches - is intended to reduce air resistance. The monocoque was taken over from the predecessor. Due to the changes to the front crash structure, the R18 had to go through the FIA ​​crash test again.

The R18 also shows retouching in the area of ​​the side pods and at the rear. The bonnet is now even tighter and contracts directly behind the cockpit. The modified headlights with Matrix LED technology also provide a new look. According to information from Audi, the R18 e-tron should, as usual, have 2 body variants - which are used depending on the downforce on the trackclass='v-A_-headline v-A_-headline__article - beta'> Audi development too conservative?

With the aggressive technology attacks, especially by Toyota and Porsche, Audi was forced to add a lot more in winter . The competition from Zuffenhausen was already in the 6Mj class last year, but according to information from auto motor und sport they want to saddle up to the maximum of 8MJ this year. This could be a decisive advantage, especially for the season highlight at Le Mans.

Jörg Zander, the new Head of Technology at Audi Sport, expects another hot duel: 'We expect the technical progress to be below the high level Competitive pressure from now 4 committed automobile manufacturers significantly improved lap times this season - and that with reduced fuel consumption. '


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