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Audi Quattro: restoration of an Audi Quattro

Hardy Mutschler
Audi Quattro restoration
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Well, guys, you're amazed. This A udi Urquattro restored a woman, albeit with a little help. 'I never played with dolls before,' says Susanna Eberle. As a child, the Swiss preferred small cars as toys, and on many weekends with her father she tinkered with model aircraft and paddle steamers in the hobby cellar.

By chance to the Audi Urquattro

'I've always been interested in automobiles,' she says - her first enthusiasm was for a Pontiac Trans Am, which she's always on the way stopped by to school. Later, however, she raved about the Audi Urquattro: 'When I got my driver's license, I looked at what it cost.' It stayed that way, because the Audi Urquattro weren't exactly one of the special offers back then. Many years later, Susanna was able to get at least one Audi Coupé Quattro afford.

One day a passer-by saw this car and asked Susanna's friend Tom, who happened to be next to it, whether it was also a Urquattro? 'No, unfortunately not, but we would like one', he replied. The woman then mentioned an Audi Urquattro that had been standing in front of her for ages and blocking the space. The very next day, Susanna and Tom hurried to the address given in the neighboring town near Rapperswil. In fact, a white Audi Urquattro was parked there by a hedge.

The owner was an architect who had acquired the Audi Urquattro firsthand and then reeled many kilometers with it until it rattled against a stone when reversing. The rear panel, crumpled on the left, and a compression of the side part up to the rear wheel arch prompted him to buy another car. He simply put the Audi Urquattro aside, which was now three years ago.

The two of them managed to get hold of the Audi Urquattro for very little money - suddenly Susanna owned a real Uruattro: 'I would never have had that let dream. ' Okay, it wasn't exactly a State 1 car that she acquired. There were some rust spots in the area of ​​the stern damage and rainwater sloshed in the trunk. The mileage was over 200,000 kilometers, but at least the engine was still running. You could have the Audi Urquattro on the moveconvict.

Internet helps with the restoration

No sooner said than done. Susanna's first drive in an Audi Urquattro turned out to be an unforgettable experience, even if the clutch and brakes had suffered from the long downtime. Susanna planned to restore her dream car herself as much as possible, but on the other hand wanted to drive with it as soon as possible. You can certainly understand that she later couldn't curb her impatience and drove around the village with the Audi without a bonnet and fenders.

First, she began dismantling the front of the Audi Urquattro. That was not a problem, because the trained stone sculptor already had a certain amount of experience in screwing. When she picked up her first car, a Toyota Corolla, from the workshop and saw how expensive some jobs were on the bill, she thought: 'I can do that too.' With a healthy mix of naivety and optimism, she soon ventured into one or the other pending repair. And when she didn't know what to do next, she got advice from the guys on her street, who were also tinkering with cars.

For questions about the Audi Urquattro, she used another source of information: the Internet. She received numerous helpful tips in appropriate forums, and over time, through her involvement in the Urquattro IG Schweiz and visiting club meetings, she got to know many Audi Urquattro fans who were there to help her with problems. She managed to remove the front fenders on her own. She encountered various small rust perforations, also in the area of ​​the holder for the washer fluid tank. More of these uncomfortable discoveries followed, including a spatula-tipped dent in the door. A plumber friend helped with the necessary welding work and the repair of the rear damage on her Audi Urquattro.

After the new rear panel was welded in and the damage in the side panel was repaired, Susanna dismantled the remaining parts of the body: interior fittings including headliner, the windows, the doors, everything came out. Then the rust was removed. When sanding and painting the Audi Urquattro body, she was able to rely on the active support of Tom, who is a trained car painter. The sheet metal should definitely be free of bumps. Therefore, after filling everything with the spray can was breathed black in order to track down the smallest bumps during the subsequent sanding.

Failures, bad luck and mishaps during the restoration

The evening before The pending painting discovered the two areas treated with sealing compound by the plumber, which he had sealed without allowing the layer underneath to dry. 'We then cursed the stuff down until three o'clock at night, re-cemented everything and put the Audi Urquattro in the paint booth to dry until the morning,' recalls Susanna of one of the fewDisasters. She initially limited work on the Audi Urquattro technology to the bare minimum. This included a check of the engine with maintenance service and the renewal of wear parts, the replacement of various hoses and lines, installation of new engine hydraulic bearings, overhaul of the brake system with new parts, if necessary, and much more. But she couldn't wait to drive her Audi Urquattro, which is why she wanted to register the car first after painting it in alpine white and assembling all the parts.

However, she needed two attempts to do this, because the At the first appointment, an extremely grumpy and bad-tempered examiner sent her home with her Audi Urquattro because of little things. The second time it worked. The joy of driving never lasted long, however, because now the technology, which is no longer entirely fresh, has its say. 'As soon as one was done, it was time for the next,' moans Susanna. It didn't always go without problems. For example, she had to install and remove the water cooler twice because the overhauled cooler was leaking. Then she decided on an expensive new part. When the Audi Urquattro clutch, including master and slave cylinders, was due, a crack was suddenly discovered in the bulkhead. To weld it, she had to dismantle a large part of the electrical system. And then there was this loss of water on the cylinder head after a flight over German autobahns. The assumption that it was only the cylinder head gasket to blame was not confirmed. The dismantling of the head revealed something shocking: fine cracks between the valve seats of the Audi Urquattro engine.

Engine keeps causing trouble

An inquiry to Audi caused the second low blow - not available. Fortunately, Susanna now knew countless Quattro fans and specialists. One of them still had a replacement engine and the cylinder head was intact. She left the installation to a mechanic. The exhaust manifold welded some time ago also showed cracks again, so a new one was immediately obtained and installed. About 7,000 kilometers and many more new parts later, water was already dripping outside on the head gasket. This time Susanna took her Uri, as she calls the Audi Urquattro, to specialist Marcus Nothelle in Vogtsburg-Achkarren near Breisach, whose uncle had tuned Audi cars a long time ago.

Nothelle diagnosed several interrelated causes on the Audi Urquattro motor for the water outlet at precisely this point: a small bubble in the cast, incorrectly tightened cylinder head screws and a head that is not well planned. He also discovered a leaking fuel pressure accumulator and two leaks in the hydraulic lines. The measurement of the Audi Urquattro head and the block did not give rise to any cause for concern. For some time now, Susannas Uri has been running with a tolerable consumption of new partsper kilometer, because a lot has been renewed. And sometimes she even meets one of these gentlemen, who at the time read their announcement on the Internet about the restoration of an Audi Urquattro with great skepticism. At the sight of the car, the boys can only be amazed.

Expert tips on the Audi Urquattro

The fan base of the Audi Urquattro has grown in recent years, which has driven prices up . Well-maintained Audi Urquattro with low mileage in the original condition are difficult to find or expensive. 10-V models in state 2 cost over 20,000 euros, top cars even scratch the 30,000 mark. The supply of spare parts for the Audi Urquattro is unfortunately only moderate; the parts are often very expensive. However, some things also fit the normal coupe.

The typical weak points of the Audi Urquattro

The Audi Urquattro was handcrafted. In the course of production, the number of galvanized sheets grew. Depending on the model and maintenance condition, rust can develop on the fenders, in the wheel houses, in the engine compartment, the A-pillars or the sills and doors.

The technical problems of the Audi Urquattro include cracked cylinder heads or exhaust manifolds. The turbochargers of the early models are not as durable because of the poor cooling. The landing gear and the engine hydromount, especially the right one, are often worn out.


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