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Audi Q3 Trans China Tour 2011, Day 8: Give rubber

Audi Q3 Trans China Tour 2011, day 8
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' Finally something happens, 'says Bert, and he is undoubtedly right. Amazingly his enthusiasm only in view of the fact that it was he and his colleague Jan, of all people, who caused the incident. The day was less than 100 kilometers old when the dynamic duo sent a radio message asking whether it meant anything if the on-board computer reported that a tire was losing air. The Audi technical team recommends stopping immediately, and there they are now standing on the hard shoulder rummaging for the jack and wheel nut wrench.

Soon a group of other participants in the Q3 Trans-China Tour arrived, ten minutes later there are already seven cars parked in solidarity behind the breakdown vehicle, including numerous local helpers who Audi hired for the tour. One of them turns out to be a real whirlwind with the tool kit.

Flat tires, depressed side skirts

Before my colleague Jörg from Schweizer Auto-Illustrierte gives me a helping hand Malade can put the right rear wheel, the Chinese colleague jumps in between, knocks the screws, balances the jack under the sill and cranks off as if he wanted to apply as a grinder for the America's Cup.

The Audi Q3 promptly lifts with the start number eleven-like leg, only to sag again shortly afterwards. The helpful ghost set the jack incorrectly and pushed in the sill. Now he starts the second attempt, but the stand is crooked on the floor. Now Jörg can't take it anymore: 'Stop! Stop!' he exclaims, taking command with all the authority of a man who has participated in two Paris-Dakar rallies and two Camel tours. Five minutes later the Audi Q3 is on three legs and the rear wheel has been properly dismantled.

Meanwhile, the Chinese colleague was busy. In order to wipe out his notch, he wanted to get the spare wheel out of the hollow, but unfortunately he is again vehemently prevented from doing his thing. We translate his English-speaking colleague that this is just a lousy spare wheel, a proper rubber with rim is already on the way with the service crew. The young lady explains the facts to the overzealous colleague, she herself seems slightly affected. The professional troop who arrived shortly afterwards and who fitted the new bike in five minutes are even considering the wholeChinese helper department to expressly point out that they'd better keep their hands off the cars. The poor Chinese has just lost face in front of the strangers. 'He just wanted to help,' says his colleague, pleading for extenuating circumstances.

Let me through, I'm a doctor

In the meantime the doctor has also arrived and is making his way to the action. Disappointment is written on his face when Taurus confronts him with a cheerful: 'Have a death certificate with you. You can only tell when you are dead' Type Scorpion fatally hit. His ascendant was Taurus, known to be stoic but also passionate and prone to overreaction at times. The inside of the flank is slit over the entire shoulder. The tread is drilled through on the opposite side.

The quickly formed task force from CSI Xiamen immediately started looking for clues: 'It looks like something penetrated here and then emerged again on the flank,' says investigator Petersen. 'The significantly larger exit opening would speak for this,' says Target Investigator Stier. Petersen also thinks he knows the scene of the crime: 'You threw up a huge cloud of dust on the hard shoulder earlier, so you must have caught something.'

Jörg definitely got a bleeding wound on his finger while changing a wheel, In view of the flowing juice of life, the doc suddenly blossoms and is still allowed to unscrew the bottle with the disinfectant today.

Tunnel phobia among the Swiss Colleagues

Hardly on the slopes again, everyday life catches up with us again. Today there are still more than 500 kilometers of motorway in front of car three and its crew. As on the marathon stage two days ago, the route on the G15 leads through a scenic terrain full of mountains and valleys. Again the speed limit is a paralyzing 100, again dozens of tunnels prevent the view of the surroundings. You are slowly starting to worry about your colleague Petersen, who sees himself on the threshold of a serious tunnel phobia - not good for someone who has to earn his living in Switzerland.

Still, given With the perfectly developed motorway, we have no choice but to take our hat off to China's infrastructure expansion. China already not only has the largest express train network in the world, the road network is also a record with almost four million kilometers. The fourth largest and most populous country in the world has to connect 150 cities with one million inhabitants alone. Not all of them have a usable motorway connection yet, ten percent of the villages still have no road connection.

'If you want to get rich, you have to go firstBuild roads. 'For once, this is not what Confucius says, but the Beijing Rundschau. In road construction alone, the People's Republic has created almost 90 million jobs. In ten years, the improved infrastructure should enable 400 million citizens to move from low to middle income Of course, this only applies to those who are also experiencing those golden times. China is also way ahead in terms of the number of road fatalities. 300,000 people die in road traffic every year, if you can believe the state television CCTV statistics in this one case.

Road traffic rules: Ignorance and trust in God

In the last seven days there have been enough situations in which some people find themselves They shouldn't have been surprised about their premature death, especially the ignorance or trust in God with which cyclists and moped drivers cross four-lane streets in cities n fascinates without even the slightest glance to the side. However, it must also be mentioned that apart from two damaged scooters and two minor rear-end collisions on overcrowded expressways until halfway through the tour, we did not have to see any significant accident.

When car three finally arrives in the afternoon after 610 kilometers in the stage destination Shenzen , the Audi technical team is easily over the moon. She has now smuggled two groups of journalists through half of China, and all 20 Audi Q3s - apart from a dented sill - are still without any scratches.

Do you really want to go there?

On the other hand, the image of our milestone is a bit scratched. The relevant chapter in the travel guide begins with the sentence: 'Do you really want to go here?' At the end of the seventies, just 30,000 people lived in the small town in Guandong Province (better known to us as Canton). Then a special trade zone was decided to compete with nearby Hong Kong, a city was designed on the drawing board and then left to grow wild. Today twelve million people live in the urban area. Shenzen has one of the highest growth and crime rates in China. Today you travel to Shenzen for one reason: To keep traveling.

We do that too and get into half a dozen Toyota minibuses that take us to Hong Kong. In terms of the route, the distance would have to be covered in three quarters of an hour if it weren't for the limit. You read that right. After the defeat of China in the Opium Wars and all forced land cessions to the British Empire, the Queen had to return the Kowloon Peninsula and the adjacent New Territories to the People's Republic, which had once been hacked to develop its own freshwater access, according to a contract that expired after 99 years had.

The main island of Hong Kong Island could have remained British, but dividing the enclave would have been an almost impracticable endeavor, and so on July 1, 1997, Britain surrendered Hong Kong to China. The fact that by then seven million inhabitants had squeezed together on a measly 1,100 square kilometers is not least due to the fact that the population was recruited in considerable numbers from refugees from the communist motherland. In view of the return, they caused considerable fear, allegedly a rich Hong Kong resident had a skyscraper designed by star architect Norman Foster in such a way that it would have to be dismantled if necessary.

Border formalities in front of the former British colony of Hong Kong

In fact, the Beijing central government left the former British colony largely alone. This leads to the curious situation that we lose half an hour because of border formalities, after which we officially left the People's Republic. By the way, our Chinese fellow travelers have to stay in Shenzen. They would need another passport for Hong Kong, which most of them do not have.

Beyond the border, apart from English, mainly Cantonese is spoken, or, as it is called in Chinese poetry: 'the language south of the river '. Driving is still on the left, and Hong Kong dollars are used instead of the Chinese yuan. This is important because our pockets are full of Chinese bills and, besides marveling at the skyline, one comes to Hong Kong mainly for shopping.

Behind the scenes, however, a local admits that the local traders are currently accepting the yuan with a kiss because the dollar is weak and the financial crisis has shaken Hong Kong as well. No wonder, since the Bank of America building is exactly across the corner from the Bank of China building. If a sharp edge is pointed at you, you automatically hit all the negative energy emanating from there. So bad Feng Shui, the crisis was foreseeable. Of course, we also see ourselves as ambassadors and development workers and so we want to ease the crisis on tomorrow's rest day and pump money to Hong Kong.


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