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Audi Q3 recall: Some rear windows could break

Audi has to recall 1,350 Q3 vehicles worldwide. Manufacturing errors could make the rear window more susceptible to breakage.

Audi may have a problem with the rear window on 1,350 units of the Q3/RS Q3 worldwide. A deviation in the manufacturing process of the rear window can lead to an inhomogeneous stress profile, which makes the window more susceptible to breakage.,

Inspection, replacement if necessary

In Germany, however, only 632 cars from the year 2022 are affected by the recall. Audi is asking all owners of affected vehicles to return their cars to the workshops. The production date of the installed rear window is checked there. If the installed example belongs to an endangered batch, the Audi partner will exchange it free of charge. There are no known accidents or personal injuries related to the problem. According to the manufacturer, there are also no restrictions on the operation of affected vehicles.,

The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) is conducting the recall under reference number 012167, Audi itself has assigned the code 64H4 to the recall.,


Audi has to check the rear window of a manageable number (1,350) of the popular compact SUV model Q3/RS Q3 from model year 2022 worldwide. An error in the manufacturing process could make the discs more susceptible to breakage. There are no operational restrictions.


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