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Audi Q3 Jinlong Yufeng at Auto China: Dragon compact SUV

Audi Q3 Jinlong Yufeng at Auto China
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D he Audi Q3 conquers the world markets. In the USA, he was able to introduce himself as the Vail concept vehicle with a focus on snowboarding. In China the year of the kite is written, accordingly the new themed vehicle is dedicated to kitesurfing, whereby the name Jinlong Yufeng - translated: golden kite in the wind - is the program.

Audi Q3 Jinlong Yufeng with wider track and higher body

The Audi Q3 Jinlong Yufeng carries a carrier system with two kite boards on the roof. The trunk mat of the Q3 can be origami, serves as sun protection, seat cover or wraps up wet beach clothes. Integrated into the trunk wall, two compact cameras are waiting to document the kite games. Your pictures can be transferred directly to the vehicle via WiFi and forwarded from there.

The outside of the Audi Q3 Jinlong Yufeng has yellow paint and off-road attachments in matt gray. Shiny window frames, partially darkened headlights, underrun protection elements made of aluminum and running boards made of stainless steel set accents. The wheel arches fill 20-inch rims with 255/45 tires. The front and rear track has been widened by 40 millimeters for a more burly appearance. In addition, the body has been raised by 30 millimeters.

The interior is carried by the colors black, gray and yellow. There are also aluminum applications and aluminum pedals.

Once again, the 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbo gasoline engine, which is allowed to produce 310 hp in the Audi Q3 Jinlong Yufeng, ensures powerful propulsion. Coupled with a seven-speed DSG and the Quattro drive, it ensures a sprint time of 5.5 seconds and a top speed of 250 km /h.


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