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Audi Prologue Allroad seat rehearsal in Shanghai: We board the 743 hybrid PS ship

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Audi Prologue Allroad seat rehearsal in Shanghai
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E s almost seems to be declining Audi chief designer Marc now throws through the Audi range in the form of show cars from exhibition to exhibition. So this time an Allroad, that higher-lying A6 Avant with bad-road chassis and of course Quattro drive.

Digital instrument cluster in the Audi Prologue Allroad Avant

Practically nothing has changed in the cockpit compared to the Prologue Avant at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The new touchscreen remains in front of the automatic selector lever, which will replace the combination of rotary push button and touchpad in the future. It boots up automatically when it starts, and by the way looks very close to series production in Shanghai. The driver receives the most important information via the digital instrument cluster; other displays extend horizontally across the cockpit at the height of the steering wheel to the passenger door. Depending on the future model, the central display will be even more driver-oriented - for example on the next A7.

Will the cockpit of the next A8 really be designed so clearly and without buttons? Yes! In addition, there are no longer any visible air vents. Chief designer Marc Lichte defines this reduction in combination with the high-quality materials as part of a new definition of premium. Striking: In addition to different types of leather, there are also numerous aluminum elements that are glossy polished and matt brushed.

Powerful appearance of the heavyweight

And from the outside? On its 22-inch wheels, the Allroad, which is 77 mm higher, is even more massive than the Prologue Avant from Geneva, which it exceeds by two centimeters in length. What is striking is the very flat D-pillar, which normally costs trunk space. In the series, however, it will not be steeper. With a slight extension, Lichte ensures that just as much fits into the future A6 Avant as before. Unlike Mercedes, who rely on two body shapes with the more useful E-Class T-model and the lifestyle station wagon CLS Shooting Brake, Audi remains in the segment with just one station wagon. It should combine utility and a flat rear.

The boarding in the Prologue Allroad is very easy thanks to the lift, and the feel-good factor is also high on the two rear individual seats. Sufficient leg and headroom promise the rear passengers a pleasant journey, thanks to which they can enjoy twocan have their own tablets individually entertained. The design of the wheelhouses, which, like the other Prologue studies, has thick cheeks both in the front and in the rear, has no influence on the space available. Chief designer Lichte calls this 'Quattro made visible'. The lighting design has also been further developed. The headlights now have a three-dimensional LED signature.

Of course, everything still looks a bit overdone with a show car, but the direction of Lichte is even clearer with the Allroad. However, it will be interesting to see how customers react to the end of the rotary push button. The new touchscreen is ergonomically very well integrated, but it will take some getting used to, especially for older customers. In view of the triumphant advance of smartphones with touchscreens, however, the paradigm shift seems only logical.

Allroad remains a higher-level Avant

With a length of 5.13 meters, the Audi Prologue Allroad clearly towers above the current Allroad of the A6 series, but the design of the study should already contain a lot of production model. The hood of the Allroad, which is based on the Audi Prologue Avant, is elongated, the D-pillars are much flatter than on the previous Allroad, which is based on the A6 Avant.

However, the typical Allroad insignia like one has remained The chassis is 77 mm higher as well as plastic panels on the side skirts and the wheel arch edges. 22-inch light alloy wheels in a five-spoke design turn under the wheel arches on display. behind it, a carbon fiber ceramic brake system decelerates. Aluminum sets accents in the areas around the windows, on the roof rails, the exterior mirror housings and on the aprons at the front and rear. Aluminum cross struts also dominate in the typical single-frame radiator grille. The headlights work with laser technology. The other light signature is characterized by L-shaped LED light strips on the air inlets. Doors and other loading and fuel filler flaps open under sensor control.

The rear is in the limelight with a continuous LED light strip and integrated tailpipes. Under the flat rear window, load volume should only play a subordinate role.

Audi Prologue Allroad with 743 hp system output

The interior design of the Audi Prologue Allroad was taken from the Prologue Avant. Similarly, there is a wide display area and three touchscreens in the Allroad. The rear passengers can also look forward to their own control display and two tablets for entertainment.

The drive train should also be a pleasure. In the Audi Prologue Allroad, the plig-in hybrid drive set was configured as follows: the four-liter V8 biturbo gasoline engine, together with the electric motor integrated in the eight-speed automatic transmission, generates 734 hp and 900 Nm, which isAll-wheel drive can be distributed to all four wheels. The Allroad should be able to crack the 100 km /h mark in 3.5 seconds, and consumption should be 2.4 liters. The lithium-ion battery placed in the rear with a capacity of 14.1 kWh is supposed to provide enough power for 54 kilometers driven purely by electricity. Air suspension is supposed to ensure driving comfort and a steering rear axle for driving dynamics. When it comes to battery charging, the Audi Prologue Allroad uses induction technology.


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