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Audi models without a single-frame grill

Audi models without single-frame grill
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Audi Q7 without single-frame grill looks classy

E exclusively for auto-motor-und-sport, Theopilus Chin, a star among computer retouchers, has given the current Audi model range a facelift - with sometimes astonishing results. The Audi Q7, with its really obscenely large grill, is transformed into an SUV with a distinctive but classy face. With the new Audi A8, too, the version with the smaller grille turns out to be almost a reminiscence of the 1st generation type D2.

In contrast, the very flat fronts, for example those of the Audi A7, come with the smaller grille รก la Chin, therefore, unusually old-fashioned. This also applies to the new Audi A4, which after the computer intervention is more reminiscent of the first generation of the A3.

Walter de Silva is responsible for the single-frame grill

VW chief designer Walter de Silva is responsible for the single-frame grill introduced in the Audi A8 in 2004. Since then, the polarizing front has been used on all Audi models and has led to heated discussions. Some see it as a unique selling point and a design icon, others complain about the interchangeability and dominance of the grill.

Audi is sticking to the single-frame grill, modifying the sizes sometimes marginally, sometimes expressively, and adding it to the grill recently rounded corners, builds it up three-dimensionally and tries to counter the interchangeability of the fronts with other materials depending on the series. Preliminary 'highlights' are the huge grill at the Audi Prologue or the front of the Audi Q7. The Audi Singleframe was announced back in 1996. The then narrow grille was continued below the bumper with an ornamental grille. In 2003, the double-frame grill briefly came onto the market until the Ingolstadt-based company then put the chrome frame over the bumper. The single-frame grill was ready and the discussions could begin.

In our photo show we show some current Audi models without the single-frame grill. Which model do you find particularly successful?


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