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Audi in China: Audi breaks one million mark

Audi in China
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D this No other German luxury manufacturer in China has succeeded in number so far. 'This record is another milestone in the history of Audi in China,' said CEO Rupert Stadler.

The second million will follow in three years

The VW subsidiary wants the next million in sales there much faster than the first: 'We want to make the second million within the next three years,' said the managing director of Audi China, Dietmar Voggenreiter. For the full year 2010 alone, he expects the sale of 200,000 Audi brand cars in China.

Audi laid the foundation for its business in China in 1988 through a license agreement with the Chinese manufacturer First Automobile Works (FAW) and started production a few years later. Audi is now producing the Q5 and A4 and A6 models in a special long version in Changchun, as many Chinese customers wanted space for a chauffeur. In addition to China, Audi also sees India as an important growth market, where Audi has been producing for three years.

Worldwide, the group sold around 950,000 cars last year and employed 58,000 people, around 45,400 of them in Germany.


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