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Audi E-Crossover: from 2019 with a range of 600 km

Audi E-Crossover
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According to information from a uto motor und sport , Audi is planning a large, sporty crossover one year later, following the large SUV C-BEV announced for 2018 with a theoretical range of almost 600 km. The electric car with the working title ESS will compete against Tesla's Model S. Like the C-BEV, the A7-style car will also have a theoretical range of 600 km.

Smaller electric cars will come later

Only then will Audi also plan two smaller cars with electric drives . The shape of the body has not yet been decided. One of the small E-Audis should compete in the compact class, for the other model the developers are thinking about a spatial concept. “This architecture enables us to create more space on the same footprint because no installation space has to be provided for the combustion engine. A spatial concept is a good idea, ”says someone familiar with the project to auto motor und sport . But it will definitely not be a van, but rather an SUV.

At the same time, Audi boss Rupert Stadler wants to electrify the existing series more than before.

Read more about the Audi plans in the new auto motor und sport - issue 22/2016 - from October 13th at the kiosk.


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