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Audi and Opel win the 2010 Dekra Defect Report

Dekra Defect Report 2010
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13 German models are on the podium

The Opel Corsa achieved the best individual rating with the lowest defect rate. As in the previous year, the A udi A6 in the evaluation of all performance areas the victory in the category' best of all classes '. German models are on the podium in four of seven vehicle classes, the other winning models came from Japan. If one also considers the three mileage ranges (zero to 50,000 kilometers, 50,001 to 100,000 kilometers and 100,001 to 150,000 kilometers), then 13 of 21 podium places go to German vehicles.

Small cars are the kings of defects , Sports cars with deficiencies

The experts from Dekra found most deficiencies (30.6 percent) in the segment of small cars and minis. This was followed by the vans (26.3 percent); Off-road vehicles (25.9 percent), compact cars (24.9 percent) and the mid-range (24.3 percent). Only one in five vehicles from the sports car /convertible segment (21.4 percent) showed the defects typical of used cars.

These are the winners:
Opel Corsa D (minicars /small cars), Toyota Prius (compact class), Audi A4 (middle class), Audi A6 (upper middle class /upper class), Mazda MX-5 (sports car /cab rios), BMW X3 (off-road vehicle), Nissan Note (Vans). ThereGerman manufacturers often took second and third place, showing that 'vehicle models from domestic production are once again setting standards in terms of durability and workmanship,' said Dekra manager Clemens Klinke. The car manufacturer BMW, Mercedes , Audi, VW , Mazda, Volvo and Toyota made.

The defects that the Dekra inspectors found during the main inspection in detail:
Chassis /steering: worn tie rods and ball joints, too much play on wishbones and stabilizers, broken suspension springs , leaking shock absorbers.
Engine /Environment: Loss of oil in the engine and gearbox, leaky or corroded exhaust systems, error messages from the exhaust electronics, exhaust gas values ​​too high.
Body /frame /passenger compartment: Cracks in the windshield, rust on the sills and floor pan, damaged Exterior mirrors.
Brake system: worn-in brake discs, porous brake lines, one-sided braking effect.
Electronics /electrics /lights: incorrectly adjusted headlights, defects in the headlight range control, functionless lights , defective lamps.

As in previous years, the defects increase rapidly with age.

The Dekra Defect Report 2010 will be published on January 7, 2010 as auto motor und sport special issue 'Used Car Special 2010'


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