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D the dashboard of the Audi A8 is an example. With its timeless elegance, it has essentially hardly changed since its presentation in 2002. And with it also the MMI operating system, the basic structure of which is just as consistent.

The interior electronics in the new Audi A8 have been completely rebuilt

But with the new Audi A8 , which is to be unveiled in late autumn, the engineers also have the interior electronics complete rebuilt. After BMW's i-Drive is now working perfectly, Audi wants to strike back with its flagship. The new Audi MMI should be faster, prettier, more functional and more intuitive. This is ensured by an extremely high-resolution eight-inch monitor that extends out of the dashboard as usual, faster computers, a graphics chip from the specialist Nvidia and a completely redesigned control unit. The most striking feature is the new touchpad, on which letters can be written with the fingertip. Even while driving, the input functioned in a prototype without any problems and surprisingly without distraction.

The voice control in the Audi A8 works perfectly in the test

In the second function, the field is used to call up the six radio station memories. Especially the Chinese, with their thousands of characters, should rejoice at the handwriting recognition. But if you want, you can still spell using the rotary push button. Or he can use the new voice control, which accepts complete address entries such as “Stuttgart, Leuschnerstraße 1” on command. In the same way, pieces of music can be called up directly by naming the artist or the title.

Graphically, the MMI system in the Audi A8 is reminiscent of an Apple iPod

The color display in the Audi A8 is very sharp

Audi wants to offer a wide range of services here. It starts with a point of interest search via Google, in which the address flows directly into the Audi navigation system. A very sharp color display, which even shows stylized maps, waits between the clocks. Future Audi A8 owners can look forward to it.


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