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Audi A6 Erlkönig appears at the end of 2010 and is sporty

Audi A6 - first view
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Audi prototypes spin on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife A6 already eagerly test rounds. The auto-motor-und-sport.de Erlkönigfotograf was there with the camera and took plenty of photos of the new Ingolstadt-born.

With The Audi A6 new edition shows little growth. Thanks to the use of the modular construction kit, the new Audi A6 but clearly its proportions. The wheelbase grows from 2.84 to 2.91 meters, the space gained will benefit the rear and the trunk.

Audi A6 takes over a lot from the Audi A8

W he Erlkönig occupies, the front overhang is shorter, the more oblique cut The grill has a more dynamic effect, the roof has a coupé-like line and the rear is visually extremely broad. The Audi A6 Avant is even copying from the successful Q series: The shape of the rear lights shows clear parallels to the rear lights of the SUV.

The Audi A7 is the inspiration for the A6 cockpit

The living comfort should be supported by adequate suspension. In return, the A6 has a new five-link front axle and a trapezoidal-link rear axle, which are spring-loaded with steel as standard. As with the predecessor, air suspension is available for an additional charge, which has been newly developed and operates on the front axle via struts and on the rear axle via separate air springs and dampers. The system called Adaptive Air Suspension regulates the height of the body depending on the speed and helps to reduce fuel consumption.

V6 and TFSI four-cylinder as drives - A6 hybrid not excluded

What you can't see the Erlkönig: the new Audi A6 is powered by TDI enginesa power range from 143 to 245 hp, the TFSI four-cylinder petrol engines mobilize between 180 and 265 hp. In addition, the two V6 petrol engines expand the portfolio with outputs of 204 and 300 hp. Without exception, all A6 models are equipped with an automatic start-stop system and brake energy recuperation. A hybrid version for the Audi A6 is not excluded.


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