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Audi A3 future: first drawings of the new compact

Audi A3 future
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E first drawings of the notchback model and the Sportback version give the new one Design of the series price. A first interior design shows what future Audi A3 drivers can look forward to.

Audi A3 notchback sedan also for Germany

A few weeks ago, Audi boss Rupert Stadler had established that the notchback sedan of the Audi A3 presented at the Geneva Motor Show is not only reserved for the US or Eastern European markets. 'For a compact sedan with a dynamic design and our high quality standards, we want to find buyers in other markets who were previously rather averse to this body concept. This of course also includes our home market of Germany,' the Audi boss told auto motor und sport .

In 2013 Audi will therefore be offering the approximately 4.50 meter long Audi A3 as a notchback model. The TSI engines with a power range from 105 to 211 hp are used as engines. On the diesel side, there are TDI units with an output range between 105 and 170 hp. The Audi A3 notchback sedan is to be built at the Györ plant in Hungary. From 2013 onwards, around 125,000 cars per year will roll off the assembly line on a new production line, including the Audi A3 notchback and the Audi A3 convertible.

The new Audi A3 is based on the VW Golf VII platform

The Audi A3 is the first model to be based on the new vehicle architecture of the VW Golf VII, and shares most of the components with its sister company, such as window lifters, drive trains and air conditioning. The top grade in the Euro NCAP crash test is, of course, a must.

The new architecture then also offers more flexibility and enables A3 versions with alternative technology such as electric, hybrid or natural gas drives. However, there are no concrete plans for their use yet. A start-stop system, on the other hand, will probably already be part of the standard scope of the next Audi A3. The fuel-saving technology is also to be increasingly used in automatic versions.

Numerous assistance systems in the Audi A3

The Audi A3 surcharge list is also being upgraded: assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, dead Angle monitoring and traffic sign recognition are also to be offered, as is the latest generation of the Audi multimedia system. To operate it, the Audi A3 gets the rotary push-button that comes with the new AudiA8 was introduced in the model range.

The map representations in the navigation system and the display also come from the Audi flagship. A lot of high tech for a lot of money? The price for the new A3 will not be set until shortly before the start of sales, but customers do not have to fear a large premium, according to Audi. A challenge to the competition, which in turn counters with the new editions of the BMW 1 Series (2011) and Mercedes A-Class (2012).


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