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Auction of Benetton-Ford B191: Schumi's Formula 1 car under the hammer

Benetton-Ford B191 from Schumacher will be auctioned
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D he is Benetton-Ford B191 /191B no stranger to the Bonhams auction house. Michael Schumacher's old racing car was already up for sale on November 30, 2014, lot number 28. At that time, Bonhams gave the estimate for the auction at 240,000 to 300,000 pounds. That was the equivalent of 300,000 to 380,000 euros.

A good one and a half years later, Schumi's old F1 car is again ready for a Bonhams auction. This time, however, the estimate is lower. Bonhams is calling for between 220,000 and 280,000 euros (£ 180,000 - 230,000) for the auction in Monaco on May 13th.

The Formula 1 racing car, painted in the eye-catching Benetton colors of yellow, blue and green, leads the Careers of 3 exceptional drivers together: The three-time Formula 1 world champion Nelson Piquet drove 16 races in the 1991 season and scored 26.5 points in the championship standings. His contract with the Camel Benetton-Ford team stipulated that he would receive $ 100,000 per point - an annual salary of $ 2.65 million. With the car now on offer, he clinched his last GP victory at the Canadian GP in Montreal in 1991 before ending his Formula 1 career at the age of 39.

Piquet makes way for Schumacher

He finally had to make room for a new talent who Flavio Briatore believed in great things - and rightly so, as it should show. Because the young pilot was called: Michael Schumacher. Briatore bought Schumi out of the Jordan team this season and initially used him in the team with Nelson Piquet. But Piquet had to leave in the 1992 season - Schumacher had overtaken the experienced driver.

Teammate of the 23-year-old Schumacher became Martin Brundle, who was 10 years older in the 1992 season. The experienced Briton had become world sports car champion in a Jaguar in 1988 and won the Le Mans 24-hour race in 1990. The season was successful, with 91 points Benetton-Ford came third in the constructors' standings behind Williams-Renault (164 points) and McLaren-Honda (99 points).

First podium for Michael Schumacher

For Michael Schumacher, the Benetton-Ford B191 /191B was the springboard to his record career. At the Mexico Grand Prix, the second race of the 1992 Formula 1 season, he overtook his teammate Martin Brundle on the second lap and, with third place, took his first podium finish behind Nigel Manselland Riccardo Patrese. The season result also drew attention to the young German, after switching to the Benetton-Ford B192 he was third overall. 4th place followed in 1993, before Schumacher won his first of a total of 7 World Championship titles in 1994 on a Benetton-Ford.

The Benetton-Ford B191 /191B offered by Bonhams has chassis number B191B-06 and is one of them of 7 built chassis. The car was used for the first time at the Hungarian GP with Nelson Piquet at the wheel. He also drove the car at the GPs of Portugal, Spain, Japan and Australia.

For the 1992 season, the B191B-06 was redesigned and initially used by Martin Brundle at the South African Grand Prix before March 22nd 1992 Schumacher was third at the Mexico GP.

The technology of the Benetton-Ford B191 /191B

The heart of the Formula 1 racing car designed by John Barnard is a 3.5 liter Ford V8 with a cylinder angle of 72 degrees and bore x stroke of 95 x 61.1 mm. With a compression of 12: 1, the engine reaches its maximum output of 730 hp at 13,800 rpm, which it passes on to the Benetton six-speed gearbox installed across.

The chassis with push rods on all four wheels and the carbon fiber chassis with a weight of only 38 kg correspond to the state of the art at the time. However, the pointed nose of the B191 /191B was completely new. Chief Designer Barnard remembers: 'When we introduced the B191, everyone was upset. It was very similar to that of the Tyrrell 019, only smoother to improve aerodynamics.


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