ATV meeting: Mud battle in Solnhofen

Torsten Seibt
ATV meeting
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K aiser weather and a dream area - for the ATV community the last weekend in October was a gala performance. They raged for three days. The driving area Langenaltheim near Solnhofen had the right off-road challenge ready for every need.

Hundreds of ATVs are doing gymnastics through Langenaltheim

Usually off-road vehicles cavort in Langenaltheim, for free driving or at rock-hard events such as the loach trophy. This time, however, the all-wheel drive was a little smaller than usual. A dealer group of the ATV brand Arctic Cat had invited to present the US manufacturer's 2012 models. However, numerous clubs and internet forums also took the brand-open event as an opportunity to let it rip again at the end of the season. The 'Bodensee-Forum' ( immediately declared the event to be Forum meeting, the members from Germany, Austria and Switzerland turned up accordingly in large numbers.

They experienced an extraordinary weekend in bright autumn weather and T-shirt temperatures. Free driving until you drop was on the program, with some of the engines the engines didn't go cold all day. A small trial competition as well as an approximately 100 kilometer long trip through the autumnal Altmühltal were also on the program celebrate

Some of the extreme steep rides in Langenaltheim were closed to ATVs because they are simply too dangerous for the short wheelbases. But the remaining steep runs, slopes, twisting sections and mud holes in the huge driving area were tough. Especially since the organizer had taken precautions and had also watered some dry sections.

There is one thing in which the ATV drivers do not differ from the off-road vehicle pilots: they exhausted themselves at the campfire in the evening, but talked shop and celebrated with satisfaction. The end of the season should not be taken quite so literally, after all, many ATV drivers are also out and about in winter, several snow events await in the cold season.


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