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Aston Martin
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B is for On September 20, the company wants to decide whether the stock exchange plans will be pursued. The aim is to have a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange. As Manager Magazin reports, the company is planning a free float of at least 25 percent through the sale of shares in the predominantly Kuwaiti and Italian investment companies.

XJ0c2VpdGUvIiwiZWxlbWVudCI6ImFkcy5Qb3N0ZXJhZCIsInBhcmFtcyI6eXYWmlz> - lose! Years ago Aston Martin posted profits again in 2017. The sports car manufacturer has been insolvent seven times in its more than 100-year history and until 2007 belonged to the US automaker Ford. Financial experts estimate the value of Aston Martin at up to five billion pounds (5.5 billion euros). The Daimler group, which holds 4.9 percent of Aston Martin, will remain a shareholder, announced the British sports car manufacturer. Aston Martin sold 5,098 vehicles in 2017, with plans to increase to 14,000 vehicles a year.


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