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Aston Martin Vantage V8 (2018): data, test, price, market launch

Aston Martin
Driving report Aston Martin Vantage V8 (2018)
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A ston Martin models have always been designer pieces. The problem: laypeople could hardly distinguish an entry-level Vantage from a top Vanquish. That changes now with the new Vantage. From now on, its lines are based heavily on the DB 10 special model that James Bond fans know from Specter. Compact dimensions: 4.47 meters in length, 1.94 meters wide and 1.27 meters high as well as many carbon parts show that the Vantage now wants to be a real sports car more than ever.

AMG GT . Its four-liter V8 biturbo engine will be launchedAchieve 510 hp. Later, like the AMG top model, several performance levels will follow. Until then, the drive torque of 685 Newton meters of torque is passed on to the rear wheels by ZF's eight-speed automatic. An electronic limited-slip differential and torque vectoring should ensure good grip in corners. Since the engine is behind the front axle and the transmission is in front of the rear axle, the Vantage should be perfectly balanced.

We open the long doors that swivel slightly upwards. The interior is designed much more driver-oriented than in the DB 11. The slightly angular steering wheel with a flattened bottom is very compact. Behind it are easily accessible aluminum paddles. The seat shells are tightly padded, clasping the driver with broad cheeks. Leather knee pads are attached to the center tunnel and are positioned according to the height of the driver.

McLaren . CEO Palmer plans to sell up to 25 percent of the Vantage models as hand controls to the 'weekend warriors' - customers who like to be on the racetrack at the weekend. The fact that the entire electronic architecture for the sports car comes from Daimler is evident on the free-standing, high-resolution eight-inch screen including the Comand controller. The operation of the air conditioning and navigation system was also taken over almost 1: 1 by the Stuttgart-based company, who hold five percent of the company.

The high-quality material mix of leather hides and Alcantra that is handcrafted in Gaydon (England) is typical of Aston Martin can be sewn and freely configured in countless colors and patterns. If you invest more money in the interior, you don't necessarily get more luxury like in the larger models, but materials that save weight. Lighter carpets (-3 kg), lighter Alcantara covers instead of leather upholstery and carbon decors are available. The space behind the passengers increases to 350 liters compared to the predecessor. That should at least be enough for the racing suit and luggage for the trip to the racetrack.

Aston Martin The AMG engine has a finer acoustics in the English car - the deep thunder was taken from it.

AMG engine in English

engine? Exactly, there is this cooperation with Mercedes-AMG, which already turned out to be a real stroke of luck with the DB 11 V8: the four-liter biturbo beats the previous self-developed V8 vacuum cleaner from Aston Martin in every respect, is future-proof and still for some evolutions Well. In the Vantage, it develops 510 hp and delivers 685 Nm of torque to the ZF eight-speed machine. Step on the brake pedal: the glazed start button pulsates red. A brief press on it, the V8 pumps up its combustion chambers and sneezes out a load of hardly insulated exhaust gases. You could have pressed the start button for a long time, then the Vantage would have spared itself the sneeze - a friendly cold start gesture to the neighbors, called silent mode.

Where we would be on the subject of sound. The Aston refrains from marking the acoustic territory of an AMG - the technicians have taken away the engine's bulky cubic capacity and instead emphasized the angular speed mid-range of a sports engine. So the four-liter sounds less like torque than much more like power. Whereby it actually stands for both: pressure from the cellar and bite at medium to high revolutions. In any case, the V8 never struggles with around 1.7 tonnes (including the driver), pushing it casually forward without ever appearing impetuous.

Aston Martin
' Correct angle and distance of steering wheel and pedals to hands and feet, then leave build on it with confidence - just like in the Vantage. ', says editor Marcus Peters.

This way the sustainable pushing can be wonderfully in your own Maintain your driving style, with the fast flowing flowing across winding country roads being particularly impressive - especially since the Aston actually makes the speed tangible here. The driving pleasure area begins in the area of ​​social consensus. Here the Vantage plays its even weight distribution with engine and transmission between the two axles as a trump card: It turns spontaneously, supports itselffull in the curve and stays on the chosen line without corrections. It lies full on the road, refrains from hyperactive twitching and is therefore predestined for relaxed speeding.

Rear-wheel drive clearly noticeable

If you want to challenge the two-seater, you will find it willing , even if not a great sparring partner. The pleasantly integrated ergonomics center the driver in the action, the steering gathers all the necessary information about the grip of the asphalt, and at the same time filters out annoying disturbances. It is a reliable link to the road. So much for the front axle. The real center of agility, however, is at the back; the Vantage makes no secret of the fact that its torque flows exclusively to the rear wheels. The sitting position, which is set far back, places the buttocks close to the feeling point - the point that, together with the steering, provides information about the limit.

Aston Martin
The new Aston Martin Vantage makes the speed noticeable.

How close you get to it, both decide the three drive modes Sport, Sport plus and Track as well as the traction control, which can be controlled separately in three stages. When Sport ESP is selected, the rear dominates the experience area: it shifts its center of gravity a touch next to the preselected line, reduces the curve radius in a wonderfully homogeneous way that is never perceived as threatening. The new entry-level model shows a driving behavior on which the next few years can be built fabulously: Expansion stages will not have to hide a mediocre construction like before - they will make an already good basis even better.


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