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Aston Martin Vantage GT8: Hardcore special model

Aston Martin
Aston Martin Vantage GT8
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N after the DB11, the Aston Martin Vantage V8 is the next Model that the British will reissue. After all, the coupé has been fighting for customer favor since 2005. Before the successor comes, however, Aston Martin is throwing a special model on the market for the grand finale.

Aston Martin Vantage GT8 also with manual transmission

With the GT12, Aston Martin already has the Vantage a hardcore model with twelve cylinders. Now the V8 can also benefit from more carbon and aluminum components. In addition to the lightweight components, the British premium manufacturer is also turning the performance screw. According to the manufacturer, the Vantage S has 436 hp with a dry weight of 1,610 kilograms. In the Aston Martin Vantage GT8, which has been slimmed down by 100 kilograms - air conditioning and audio system remain on board, after all, you drive an Aston - the 4.7 liter naturally aspirated V8 increases to 446 hp. Sports drivers can choose either the selector lever of a seven-speed automatic or the gearshift lever of a manual 6-speed gearbox.

Numerous aerodynamic components, which are also dipped in a contrasting color, ensure a spectacular look. There is also a fat rear spoiler and forged aluminum rims, magnesium wheels are optionally available. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires are always on.

Only 150 Aston Martin Vantage GT8s are built

After all, as a GT8, the Vantage makes a significantly more evil and raceier impression. The designers upgrade the front with a large splinter. We know the modified bonnet and the newly designed wheel arches with a large ventilation slot from the GT12. Compared to the normal Vantage, the side skirts also change. The rear also brings major changes. A fat wing increases the sporty touch. In addition, the exhaust system is located more centrally.

Like the Vantage GT12, the Aston Martin GT8 will also be limited to a small number of units. There will only be 150 copies. the price: 165,000 pounds, the equivalent of around 207,000 euros.


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