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Aston Martin Vanquish S: Update to 603 hp

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Aston Martin Vanquish S
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F or for the new Aston Martin S, the Engine, chassis and aerodynamics of the Vanquish revised again. The free-aspirating six-liter V12 was brought from 573 to a full 603 hp with a more throughput-friendly intake area. The maximum torque is 630Nm. In addition, the revving pleasure should have been increased, the eight-speed automatic was trimmed for quick gear changes. In order to breathe even more driving dynamics into the Aston Martin Vanquish S, the spring, damper and stabilizer have been retuned.

New carbon package for the Vanquish S

Visually, the Vanquish S is made up of a carbon fiber laminate Aero package in scene. The Vanquish S, for example, has a new front splitter and a new rear diffuser, which together should noticeably reduce lift. The four-pipe exhaust system is also new.

Optionally, the Vanquish S can be upgraded with carbon ventilation grids in the bonnet and new light alloy rims, as well as new leather qualities and applications in the interior. The new Vanquish S badges on the body are standard.

The new Aston Martin Vanquish S is available as a coupé and convertible from December 2016 at prices starting at 262,950 euros.


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