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Aston Martin AM310 on Villa d & # 39; Este: view of new DBS

Gudrun Muschalla
Aston Martin AM310 at Villa d'Este
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D he Aston Martin AM310 carries the latest version of the 6.0-liter V12 under the hood, which provides over 550 hp, while the current DBS model is still powered by a 517 hp V12.

In contrast to the still current DBS , in the Aston Martin AM310 study, the two notches where the bonnet and radiator grille meet are more rounded. Instead, the headlights save a few curves and instead stretch further back towards the fenders.

The lower part of the radiator on the Aston Martin AM310 is not framed by an inconspicuous apron in the body color, but emphasized with carbon elements, but the study does without the cooling slots in the middle of the bonnet. The chassis of the AM310 is made of aluminum, the body in turn made of carbon fiber laminate; this saves 50 kilograms compared to the current Aston Martin DBS.

Aston Martin AM310 gives an angular outlook

The more pronounced and less rounded indentations also ensure a more angular appearance of the Aston Martin AM310, that form the bottom line from the front to the rear fender. In addition, the previously rising and therefore narrower window line of the concept car is noticeable. The brake ventilation slots behind the front fenders on the AM310 only differ from the current DBS in that they have increased vertically and decreased horizontally.

At the rear of the Aston Martin AM310 study, the distance between the spoiler and the tailpipes has decreased, so that it looks less beefy and more elegant. The shape of the rear lights has also been modified to match this, making them a little more curved. The tailpipes attached further out also contribute to the flatter, elongated appearance of the AM310 and where the rear of the Aston Martin DBS still forms a rump, the AM310 shows itself with a discreet rear spoiler.

After the AM310 concept car was presented at the Villa d'Este and shows a view of the new generation of the Aston Martin DBS, it is likely that the revised production model will be presented at the Concours d'Elegance in Pebble Beach in August and at the 2013 Market is coming. The price will be around 250,000 euros.


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