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Assistance systems in the Euro NCAP test: nobody really drives autonomously

Assistance systems in the EuroNCAP test
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L According to a survey, 70 percent of motorists believe that cars are now could drive autonomously. That was not the case, said Euro NCAP after testing the assistance systems in ten current cars. For the first time, the organization has included adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and speed limiter in its test program. None of the systems is suitable for driving autonomously, explains Euro NCAP. Euro-NCAP General Secretary Michiel van Ratingen says: 'Even in cars with advanced assistance systems, the driver at the wheel should remain alert and vigilant at all times.' If used correctly, the technology could help to relieve the driver and help him to speed, distance and lane

In the test: keeping your distance and lane

In the test, the cruise control systems had to show what they can do in two typical and critical situations: In the first scenario, a car changes onto the lane in front of the test vehicle. In this situation, a person behind the wheel would immediately reduce speed and restore the distance. An experienced driver can react just as intuitively to the second scenario: The car in front changes lane to avoid a stationary vehicle. The distance assistant has little time to recognize the situation and react. Robot-controlled dummies were used for both lane change tests.

Lane keeping assistants have to show how to keep the car in lane in S-curves. The number of steering corrections is used as the test criterion. In a second test, it was assessed whether the assistant supports, hinders or switches off the driver when evading.

Different results

The testers found differences between the brands. BMW and DS left control to the driver at all times. Audi, Ford, Hyundai, Mercedes, Toyota, Nissan and Volvo offer a good balance between control and assistance. The system in the Tesla induces the driver to rely too much on the system. - This applies to both the adaptive cruise control and the lane departure warning system.

Euro NCAP tested the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, DS 7 Crossback, Ford Focus, Hyundai Nexo, Mercedes C-Class, Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S , Volvo V60 and Toyota Corolla.


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