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Arrinera Supercar: British-Polish Lambo clone

Arrinera Supercar
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D he founder of the British sports car manufacturer Noble Automotive and since 2009 owner of Fenix ​​Automotive also has his finger in the game at Warsaw-based Arrinera SA. He is responsible for the chassis and the technology of the lightweight racing car, while the designer Pavlo Burkatskyy designed the racing car very closely to the Lamborghini Reventon.

Arrinera comes with a 650 hp V8

'Sharp and dynamic lines', as the 'automaker' wants, show the model's sporty genes. Such a 'futuristic vehicle design' is the result of the engine housed in the middle, which 'defines the entire design'. The rear view of the Lamborgh ... err, Arrinera is determined by 'unique tailpipes' that are reminiscent of 'the nozzles of a jet'.

And with it the 1.3 ton Arrinera (4.45 meters long, 2.056 meters wide and 1.19 meters high) is really jet-like, the British-Polish company has installed a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 with 650 hp and a maximum torque of 820 Nm. The top speed should be 340 km /h, the track time to 100 things at 3.2 seconds and 200 km /h falls after 8.9 seconds. Of course, the unit is not from our own production, but probably comes from the Corvette ZR1. 19-inch alloy wheels with 225/35 tires on the front and 335/30 tires on 20-inch rims at the rear keep contact with the road. Six-piston brake cylinders bite into ceramic brake disks with a size of 380 millimeters at the front, and four pistons at the rear, which the brake pads press onto the 350 millimeter disks.

As extras there are carbon and night vision cameras

In addition to the typical super sports car attributes such as short overhangs, grim look, fat buttocks and scaled engine cover, guillotine doors should not be missing. They give access to the interior in orange. Contoured leather seats with four-point belts welcome the two passengers as well as a rather plain and small three-spoke steering wheel that is emblazoned in front of an unspectacular cockpit. Various carbon-like ornaments in the interior should also give rise to racing feelings. A night vision camera and a carbon floor can be ordered for a few extra euros. The starting price for the Arrinera is around 115,000 euros.


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