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  • Arden AJ 23 CC: Jaguar F-Type Project 7 on a detour

Arden AJ 23 CC: Jaguar F-Type Project 7 on a detour

Arden AJ 23 CC
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With the F-Type Project 7, J aguar revive the old D-Type. A radical appearance and 575 hp from a supercharged V8 are the characteristics of the athlete. Disadvantage: the F-Type Project 7 is limited to 250 copies.

Up to 700 PS in the Arden AJ 23 CC

If you haven't got any of it, you can now contact the Jaguar tuner Look around Arden. The D-Type is also interpreted with the AJ 23 CC concept car, in a similar way to what Jaguar itself did. Thick front and rear fenders, wide side sill panels and new aprons ensure a powerful appearance. An airdome looms behind the driver, and a stubby windshield crouches in front of him. The rear is defined by a fixed spoiler, the wheel arches are filled with 21-inch alloy wheels.

In terms of output, the AJ 23 CC should be able to generate up to 700 hp from the supercharged V8 - significantly more than in the factory -Jaguar. In addition, Arden is developing a seven-speed manual transmission so that performance can develop even better.


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