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Arash AF-10: super sports car with up to 1,217 hp and Corvette engine

Arash AF-10
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D but the Arash AF-10 proves to be an extremely heavy one Birth. The small manufacturer from Cambridge, UK, presented the first prototype with the name Arash GT back in 2003.

Arash AF-10 costs over 350,000 euros

It was on display at the British Motor Show, among other places. However, until it was ready for series production, the flounder still lacked the essentials. So it was to be three years before Arash presented the model of a further developed prototype at the London Motor Show in 2006. And again another three years later, in June 2009, the chassis of the prototype was completed in its original scale.

Now Arash announced that the Arash AF-10 should go into series production next year. The prices for the 1,260 kilogram super sports car start at 356,565 euros. When designing the chassis, the British drew on the know-how of test driver Loris Bicocchi, who was already involved in the development of the Bugatti Veyron.

The Arash AF-10 is powered by the 7.0- Liter V8 from the Corvette Z06. It should initially send 558 hp to the rear wheels. A manual six-speed transmission from Graziano is responsible for power transmission. The Italians already supplied the gearbox for the Ferrari Enzo. Alternatively, the sequential six-speed gearbox known from the Pagani Zonda F is available. Arash specifies the top speed of the AF-10 at 354 km /h.

Over-Arash with more than 1,200 hp in planning

At the same time, company founder Arash Farboud dreams of one over 1,200 PS strong over version of the Arash AF-10, which should then be over 402 km /h. The design of the Veyron competitor is said to be noticeably different from that of the AF-10. The more than 1,200 horses come from a 7.2 liter V8 with double charging. The maximum torque should be 1,356 Nm. How long it will take Arash to realize this dream remains to be seen. The boss has already announced: 'This vehicle will be a Formula 1 car with a radio.' We are excited.


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