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Aral: charging electric cars without an app or card

From the end of 2021, it should be possible to pay for the charging process of electric cars with the "Plug&Charge" function at Aral's quick-charging stations.

With the expansion of the charging infrastructure at its own stations, the Aral petrol station chain not only wants to appeal to more drivers and electric cars, but also to make the charging process as simple as possible.

By the end of 2021, Aral's fast chargers, which can charge electricity with a capacity of up to 350 kW, should enable "Plug & Charge". This means direct communication between the car and the charging station, eliminating the need for identification and activation via an app or a charging card. The charged driving current is then billed using the driver's means of payment stored in the car.

Test run successfully completed

A test of the system at a charging station in Murr near Stuttgart, which Aral carried out in cooperation with car manufacturers and the cooperation partners Alpitronic, Has-to-be and Hubject, was successful.

Alexander June, Board Member for E-Mobility at Aral, says: "With our range under the Aral pulse brand, we want to offer e-car drivers the fastest, simplest and safest charging network. With the introduction of the new Plug&Charge service by the end of the year at all With our charging stations, together with our partners, we are taking a big step into the electric future."


Aral is building a network of fast chargers at the company's gas stations. From the end of the year, you should also be able to charge electricity there using “Plug&Charge”, i.e. without a charging card or app.


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